The Wyoming High School Rodeo season is now complete, and it's on to the High School National Finals Rodeo, to be held in Rock Springs, July 14-20, 2013.

Cowboys and cowgirls earned points based on where they place at each rodeo event throughout the fall 2012, and spring 2013 season, along with the Wyoming High School State Finals Rodeo.

The top 4 in each event qualify for the HSNFR.

The alternate position is in case anyone of the top 4 can't make it to Nationals.

Information provided by the Wyoming High School Rodeo Association.

Scroll down to the bottom to see video highlights, from the final day of competition.


1. Justin Kissack (Gillette) - 232 points State Champ

2. Jeffery Zdziarski (Sheridan) - 207.5

3. Hunter Carlson (Douglas) - 92

4. Chance Ames (Big Piney) - 134.5

Alt. Nevada Starr (Wheatland) - 73


Pole Bending:

1. Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland) - 231.5 points State Champ

2. Teal Stoll (Pavillion) - 197

3. Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) - 177

4. Abi Deveraux (Newcastle) - 161

Alt. Shelby Mann (Sheridan) - 136


Goat Tying:

1. Ashten Marchant (Newcastle) - 237 points State Champ

2. Josee Vogel (Pavillion) - 212

3. Jamie Thompson (Whitney, NE) - 175

4. Cashlee Cunningham (Banner) - 137.5

Alt. Deena Norell (Meeker, CO) - 125.5


Team Roping:

1. Garrett Grieve (Baggs) and Coley Nicholls (Kinnear) - 338 points 3-time state champs

2. Cameron Irwin (Buffalo) and Weston Mann (Sheridan) - 265

3. Jhett Hadley (Wheatland) and Trace Steele (Sundance) - 224

4. Justene Hirsig (Cheyenne) and Denton Shaw (Lusk) - 199

Alt. Jayden Johnson (Casper) and Klay Ready (Dixon) - 191


Saddle Broncs:

1. Brody Cress (Hillsdale) - 200.5 points State Champ

2. Blaze Cress (Hillsdale) - 174.5

3. J.W. Meiers (Mills) - 152

4. Austin Anderson (Powder River) - 80

Alt. Jacob Hodges (Edgemont, SD) - 58


Steer Wrestling:

1. Cutter DeHart (Laramie) - 149.5 points State Champ

2. Teigen Finnerty (Wheatland) - 147

3. Casey Sellers (Buffalo) - 134

4. Kane Butcher (Jelm) - 124.5

Alt. Drew Antone (Kinnear) - 110


Breakaway Roping:

1. Deena Norell (Meeker, CO) - 183 points State Champ

2. Justene Hirsig (Cheyenne) - 170.5

3. Casey Rae Reimler (Rozet) - 138

4. Abbea Faris (Laramie) - 127.5

Alt. Callie Robinson (Moorcroft) AND Tiare Ilgen (Sheridan) - 115


Tie-Down Calf Roping:

1. Cameron Irwin (Buffalo) - 198.5 points State Champ

2. Logan Milligan (Torrington) - 180.5

3. Garrett Grieve (Baggs) - 171.5

4. Casey Sellers (Buffalo) - 160.5

Alt. Taylor Tarver (Gillette) - 135


Barrel Racing:

1. Sierra Spratt (Lysite) - 213.5 points State Champ

2. Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) - 182.5

3-4 (tie). Teal Stoll (Pavillion) - 166

3-4 (tie). Madison Wilkerson (Jackson) - 166

Alt. Kylee Cahoy (Sheridan) - 154.5


Bull Riding:

1. Bryce Burnell (Arvada) - 168.5 points State Champ

2. Scott Carlson (Evanston) - 157.5

3. Mike Schultz (Cheyenne) - 105

4. Ty Bertrand (Gillette) - 95

Alt. Drew Antone (Kinnear) - 79


Boys Cutting:

1. Trase Johnson (Gillette) - State Champ

2. Colby Thurston (Lance Creek)

3. Dalton Garrett (Casper)

4. Jayden Johnson (Casper)


Girls Cutting:

1. Faith Carson (Arvada) - State Champ

2. Lexi Hamm (Rozet)

3. Jasmine Gould (Meeteetse)

4. Cheyenne Foot (Meeteetse)


All-Around Cowboy:

Casey Sellers - Buffalo


All-Around Cowgirl:

Breanna Reimler - Buffalo


Rookie Cowboy of the Year:

Chance Ames - Big Piney


Rookie Cowgirl of the Year:

Sierra Spratt - Lysite



You know it’s summer-time when a little cowboy’s favorite snack is a snow-cone. It’s hard to beat that.

This is the last day of the Wyoming State High School Finals Rodeo…we’ll start with the pole bending…this Breanna Reimler out of Buffalo…she’s the all-around cowgirl state champ…here she’ll complete the course in 23-point-zero-zero-5 seconds. She is going to nationals in this event and in the barrel racing.

Now on to Teal Stoll from Pavillion…she is last year’s national runner-up in the pole bending. This year is just like last year…she did not win the state title, so that maybe a good sign. She had the fastest time of the final day, as she zig-zagged her way around 6 in 20-point-8-4-6 seconds.

Your state champ…is Chloe Ashenhurst out of Wheatland. She and her horse would weave their way around the poles in 20-point-9-4-6 seconds…and now she has a new belt buckle to wear and a new saddle to ride on.

In the bareback riding…this is Hunter Carlson out of Doulgas…he’ll survive his 8 second ride and get 63 points, which was more than enough to punch his ticket to the high school national finals rodeo. Justin Kissack out of Gillette was the state champ, but he was injured, and was unable to compete on the last day.

Goat Tying…Ashten Marchant out of Newcastle…she was one and a-half points out of first place heading into the weekend…but it took her 7 point 8-3 seconds to get her goat and swipe the #1 spot away…the fastest time of the final day…and now she’s the state champ.

Team Roping…Garrett Grieve of Baggs is the header…and Coley Nicholls from Kinnear is the heeler…12-point 7-4 seconds was their time…including a 5-second penalty…that did not matter, for they are now 3-time state champs in this event. Grieve also qualified in the tie-down calf roping.

Saddle Broncs…2 brothers are on their high horse in this event…this is Blaze Cress out of Hillsdale…48 points was so-so, but enough to make him the state runner-up.

Keeping it in the family…here’s the state champ…Brody Cress…also of Hillsdale…he did better with a 64-point ride. At nationals though…as long as you are one of the top 4 in the state, you get to compete…but being the state champ is a nice honor.

Steer Wrestling…this is Casey Sellers from Buffalo…he’s the all-around cowboy state champ…it took him 11-point-2-8 seconds to throw one down, which was not one of his better times, but he’ll take it. He’s going to Rock Springs next month, to compete in both this event and the tie-down calf roping.

The fastest time on the last day belonged to Teigen Finnerty out of Wheatland…6-point 5-4 seconds and it was over just like that…to make him the state runner-up.

The state champ…is Cutter DeHart out of Laramie…although his last throw down did not go quite as well as he had hoped. He would still get the win…barely…by 2 and-a-half points.

Breakaway Roping…Justene Hirsig out of Cheyenne…3-point-4-6 seconds and a state runner-up finish. The champ was Deena Norell out of Meeker, Colorado…out of state competitors are allowed and at nationals…they will compete for Team Wyoming.

Tie-Down Calf Roping…Cameron Irwin out of Buffalo…had a little difficulty on the last day and turned in a time of 16-point-zero-3 seconds…but that time did not bother him much, as he walked out of the arena as the state champ.

Barrel Racing…the queen is Sierra Spratt out of Lysite…she’s just a freshman and she’s learned from her older siblings. She needed 18-4-1-2 seconds to get around 3 barrels and leave everyone else in the dust, and take home the belt buckle.

Finally…it’s Bull Riding…the state champ is Bryce Burnell out of Arvada, although this bull was not going to let him celebrate on the last day of competition.

In fact…for the weekend…the bulls won every match-up…but 1…Mike Schultz out of Cheyenne was in 6th place coming in…which is not good enough to qualify for the High School National Finals Rodeo…but on his last chance…it was close, but the judges said he made it to the 8-second buzzer…70 points…that moved him up to 3rd in the standings and he’s in. The High School N-F-R is next month in Rock Springs.