Video highlights of the Saturday, February 15th, 2A boys basketball game, between #2 Big Piney at #1 Wyoming Indian.

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The Chiefs came out swinging against the Punchers in the first quarter, and coasted from there, to stake a claim to the #1 seed, going into the regional tournament.



I got to give this family credit. Nice to see that the games of old are being played...such as dominoes...and I'm not talking about the kind that fall down, as you can see.

#2 Big Piney at # 1 Wyoming Indian...first quarter...Wyoming Indian wearing the white...and not wasting much time...Noah Valdez will step right up and knock one down...that's a good start and it's 3-to-nothing.

The Chiefs were on the run early...forcing turnovers and forcing fast breaks helped...Buell Robinson leads the state in class 2A in scoring average and steals...there were a couple of examples and now it's 5-to-zip.

Meanwhile, Big Piney was looking for their opportunities to strike...this one was wayyy too easy...someone forgot about Nolan Jones, and when you are that wide better get 2 points...his team is down 7-to-3.

But the home team was making opportunities happen...Robinson...another steal, and another score...he's a just a freshman and contributed with a dozen...that would build the advantage to 9-to-3.

The Punchers were pulling theirs...and needed to if they wanted to keep this game close...Alma Stoutenburg will get several bounces and the drop and he has his team hanging around, down 9-to-5.

WIHS had a score to settle in this one...they meant business and so did Tristan Gardner...he pulls the bow and hits the bullseye for 3 of his would push the score up to 12-to-5.

...but the visitors were trying to prove that their win one month ago, was not a fluke...Stoutenburg adds on 2 more of his 17, and they are within striking distance...trailing 12-to-9.

If anyone had a hot hand in the early was Robinson...he's got family playing pro ball over seas and he's learned some things...that was a great it's a 15-to-9 contest.

BP needed to do something to counter the offensive onslaught...Jones will get 2 of those 3 back here...he led all scores with 19 points, but his buddies are in a 19-to-11 hole and it was slowly getting deeper.

Anyone who knows Wyoming Indian should know 2 things about and shoot...and they also know how to hit from extra long distance...Valdez proves the latter point, and the score was doubled was 22-to-11, after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter...the Chiefs were threatening to run away with this one...Gardner thought he had a fast break, but he had to hit the brakes and settle for a jumper worries...the scoreboard reads 24-to-11.

Big Piney needed to get someone else in on the scoring...William Shafer could not pass up this opportunity...the lane was open and he went through it and got the 2, but his squad needs more, down 24-to-13.

The home team had other players too and they made their contributions...Jared Mosqueda will do the honors with a turn around jumper...he got some help from the rim on that one, but he'll take it's 26-to-13...but the Punchers kept comes Stoutenburg...he'll maneuver his around a defender and counter-score, but the deficit is in double's 26-to-15 now.

How about some defense? Contrary to what you might think...the Chiefs can do that too. Trevor Williamson...take that order to go and get it out of here. His hand is a valuable weapon.

Shafer unfortunately was on the receiving end of that last highlight...but he had his moments and we'll give him some love...this lay-in will make up for it, and his team trails by's a 26-to-17 contest.

However...WIHS had many weapons in their long range attack...we have not seen Wilson Clifford yet...the senior can make an entrance and now everyone knows...the lead is back to 10 at 29-to-19.

The seesaw was shifting back in their favor...more trouble is coming as Clifford will assist Mosqueda on this was a 35-to-21 score going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...even when the shots were not dropping...Wyoming Indian at times would just reset...and when one defender is guarding 2 shooters...something bad is going to happen. Robinson just made the opposition pay with 3, to make it 38-to-21.

The Punchers had to take a play out of their opponents playbook if they wanted to get back into this one...Jordan Banks cashes in, but they need more, trailing 38-to-24.

Later...Williamson is more of a defensive threat, but he got his points in...12 in this game for the 5th year senior...Wyoming Indian is up 44-to-32.

...and remember...give the Chiefs even a slight fast break chance and they'll take it...Joseph Howell is on the run and he'll get the finish on this play, to push the advantage up to's 46-to-32.

...defensively...the opposition looked a little dazed and confused on this play...and here they would allow Clifford to clear the cobwebs for them...good speed, results in 2's a 48-to-34 game.

The visitors were still fighting offensively...Shafer will add another 2 points for the cause, but his squad was still in a hole...trailing 50-to-38, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the starters for Big Piney were doing their part...but in this game, they didn't have much else...Banks makes another deposit...and now it's 50-to-40, with his team still down...but here comes the opposition...Mosqueda answers back quickly, and as fast as you could's 52-to-40.

Credit to the Punchers...they kept going...there was the regional tournament to think about...Jones is getting ready for it...but they trail in this one...54-to-42.

WIHS was doing the same thing...and their plan is to run every team over...but I think Robert Aragon took my idea too literally...he'll score 2, and the score is 56-to-42.

For the most part...aside from the first quarter...the rest of this game was pretty even...and Wyoming Indian did their part to deflate any comeback hopes...Howell gets 2 and the good on the extra try, but he did not need it...because the score is 58-to-42.

BP knew at this point that, they were not going to win this one...but they were not going down quietly...Stoutenburg is in the corner...causing his brand of trouble...he had a good game, but his boys are on the wrong end of a 58-47 score.

It's hard to beat the Chiefs in their gym...and on senior day...that was not going to happen...Williamson made some memories...and the Chiefs would go on to grab the W...67-to-58.