Video highlights of the Sunday, December 28th 2A boys basketball game, between Saratoga at #1 Wyoming Indian.

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With both teams playing in their 4th game in roughly 36 hours, the Chiefs had plenty left in the tank, and the Panthers didn't.



She's just learning what basketball is all about...and when you are on the are never too young.

Saratoga at #1 Wyoming the finals of the Fremont County Shootout...first quarter...Saratoga wearing the white...already up 2-nothing...Braxton Schwartzkopf is open in the paint and he would double his teams' point total on that make this a 4-zip game.

...but it did not stay that way for long...Buell Robinson is a freshman for Wyoming Indian, and he earned some varsity time with that long-ball...things were just getting started, down 4-to-3.

We go from the the upperclassmen...Joseph Howell is a senior with some moves and you will see a few more later...the Chiefs would go ahead, 7-to-4.

On the other side of the court...the Panthers were able to hang around in the early goings...Ryan Malone was on the line for this shot, so that went in for 2...but it was the start of his 17 point game, and his squad only trails 10-to-6.

The visitors were trying to slow things down and set up a strategy...and it was working for a little while...Andrew Oiler gets a short range jumper to go to get his team closer...down 13-to-9. they were also mixing things up to keep the defense confused...this is Shawn Ingleby with a catch, shoot, and bank from behind the arc for 3...and the deficit is down to 1...with the scoreboard reading 13-to-12.

...and when Saratoga was not getting the shots to drop...there were in the right places to grab rebounds and try again...Oiler will illustrate and get one more for his efforts...the 3-point play would knot up the score at 15, and would mark the key moment in this game.

The reason I say that, is because from this point was all WIHS, all the time...Robinson with a running one-hander to add on to his 13 point game...and move the score up to 17-15.

The boys in black were on the run...and that's how they like it...Howell will weave his way through the D for another bucket...20 points for the it's 19-to-15. was then time to get the big man on the act...Trevor Williamson...a 5th year senior...he was granted an extra year due to academic hardship...he made that play look easy...the Chiefs are up 21-to-15.

Playing a hurry up style has advantages...especially when you are trying to beat the clock...Howell is going to do just that with this 3, at the buzzer...Wyoming Indian had all the momentum...leading 24-to-15, after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter...the home team was picking up some speed...they would use fast passing to Williamson who will get the finish...he contributed with it's a 26-to-15 score.

Defense played a role as well and it had its rewards...Jared Mosqueda with the rejection....and then Robinson is running right towards you, for 2 more...the scoreboard now reads, 28-to-15.

More Chiefs were getting in on the's Noah Valdez in the corner...he just has to remember where the line is, because he stepped on it, so that's only the score is doubled up at 30-to-15.

...and more turnovers led to more points for the boys in black...Robinson picks off that pass and he already knows what to do with it...did  I mention he's a freshman? WIHS is now ahead 32-to-15.

Next highlight...similar as the earlier one, but with different guys...Mosqueda caused the turnover...and his team-mates let him get the finish at the near hoop...things are starting to get out of hand, with it being 34-to-15.

...and the home team kept dishing it out...and this one was pretty...another turnover...and a great pass from Wilson Clifford to cap off a 24-zip blow this game wide open...the score is 39-to-15.

Needless to say...Saratoga had a lot of work to do...they've gone 6 minutes without a field goal...and finally got a break to go their way...Donovan Ingleby would slow the bleeding a little bit...but his boys are in a 39-to-19 hole.

That did not faze Wyoming Indian...they just put another run together...Tristan Gardner would get it started with this short range it's 41-to-19...and the senior was not done...back-court steal and here comes 3 more...5 points in 6 seconds...look out! His 15 point game just got it's 44-to-19.

...and the boys in black did not let up...Clifford has not done much up until now...and that 3-ball in the side pocket is a good start for his 18 point game...the scoreboard reads, 47-to-19.

The game was already at blowout proportions, but the Chiefs wanted to keep their intensity up...because it's hard to maintain it, in lop sided problem on this play as Gardner will assist Clifford, to make it a 53-to-21 contest.

They were not trying stomp their opponent flat just that when you play in Ethete, be prepared for fast, high scoring games...Valdez remembered where the line was this that 3 would end a 19-to-2 the score is 58-to-21.

No discredit to the Panthers...they are not's just 4 games in 2 days, against a style of play that they are not used to playing're going to run out of gas eventually...Oiler scores ahead of the buzzer...and his team was on the wrong end of a 58-23 score going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...let's give the visitors a little bit of's John Brennan going through the lane and adding 2 points to the cause...good play...although they are down 60-to-25.

Meanwhile...WIHS decided to work a little bit on the long range game...Gardner spots up from N-B-A range...I think someone has been's now 63-to-25.

The mercy rule would eventually kick in...which means we are nearing the end of these highlights...Clifford could have driven the baseline...but he decides to work on his 3's as well...the home team is ahead 68-to-25.

This will the last one for Saratoga, so we'll make it one put a hand in Malone's face, so he had an easy time shooting that was a good effort, but the tank was empty...they now trail 70-to-30.

The Chiefs were almost done...and eventually backed off...Gardner is in the corner and he'll strike again...this game was over a long time was 86-to-35 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the opposition did not score...and the home team did not do much either...this is the only highlight worth showing...Charlie O'Neal...good-bye! The closest margin of victory for Wyoming Indian so far this season is 30 points...they doubled it in this game...winning 95-to-35.