One team owned the second quarter...the other team owned the second half!

Manuel Quinteros of Little Snake River returned an interception 15 yards for a touchdown with 1:33 to go, to seal the deal, as the Wyoming 6-Man All-Stars kept Nebraska out of the end zone for the entire second half, to win, 40-26.

Connor Kayton of Wauneta-Palisade, Nebraska was named the offensive MVP.

Cole Gourlay of Little Snake River was named the defensive MVP.

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NE: 0-24-2-0 = 26

WY: 6-8-16-10 = 40


1st Quarter:

WY TD: James Caro (Kaycee) 36 yard pass to Frisco Erdahl (Ten Sleep) - WY 6 NE 0...3:42 remaining


2nd Quarter:

NE TD: Johnny Dunn (Sioux County) 6 yard run - NE 8 WY 6...9:50 remaining

NE TD: Connor Kayton (Wauneta-Palisade) 16 yard pass to Garrett Gray (Sioux County) - NE 16 WY 6...4:20 remaining

WY TD: Caro 15 yard pass to Erdahl - NE 16 WY 14...0:44 remaining

NE TD: Kayton 10 yard pass to Gray - NE 24 WY 14...0:02 remaining


3rd Quarter:

WY TD: Caro 38 yard pass to Conner Lee (Little Snake River) - NE 24 WY 22...9:37 remaining

NE Safety: Kyle Tea (Dubois) tackled in end zone by Catarino Perez (Silver Lake) - NE 26 WY 22...6:54 remaining

WY TD: Caro 22 yard pass to Garrett Kremers (Kaycee) - WY 30 NE 26...1:04 remaining


4th Quarter:

WY Safety: Kayton tackled in end zone by Jess Hawk (Dubois) - WY 32 NE 26...6:48 remaining

WY TD: Manuel Quinteros (Little Snake River) intercepted Kayton for 15 yards - WY 40 NE 26...1:33 remaining



Can’t afford the luxury box seats? Just build your own. Only one very big hill is required.

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. Nebraska in the 6-man shootout in Dubois…first quarter…Wyoming wearing the yellow…Manuel Quinteros of Little Snake River comes in untouched on the first play from scrimmage to deliver a Wyoming welcome…and show Nebraska what the ground feels like in the high altitudes.

Nebraska would go 3 and out and decided to punt…Garrett Kremers of Kaycee will shake off a blocker and knock that ball down, before it could be launched…his team-mates would set up in enemy territory, but could not do anything, and turned it back over on downs a few plays later.

On the next Nebraska possession…the Wyoming defense was asserting itself in the early goings…Cole Gourlay of Little Snake River gets the tackle for a loss…he was named the defensive M-V-P, and everything was going right for the home team so far.

Now how about some offense? James Caro of Kaycee…he was a candidate for offensive MVP…he’s going uncork a 36-yard bomb to Friscoe Erdahl of Ten Sleep and the latter made it…touchdown Wyoming…conversion no good, so the score was 6-to-nothing after the first 12 minutes.

Second quarter…Nebraska would get their act together…this is Johnny Dunn of Sioux County from 6 yards away…it looked like he got stripped by Kyle Tea of Dubois, but the ref said the ball crossed the plane of the goal line first, so it’s a touchdown. 2-point kick was good and now the visitors lead 8-to-6.

Now here comes their main threat…number 1 is Connor Kayton of Wauneta-Palisade…and he pulled off this play a number of times…this was a 23-yard pickup to Alex Ellison of Elkhorn Valley…Kayton won the offensive MVP honors and you’ll see why on the next play.

Here it is…first he takes the pitch from Garrett Gray of Sioux County…and then everyone but Kayton forgot about Gray…this went down as a 16 yard score…2 point kick good again and Nebraska now has a 16-to-6 advantage.

The home team would try to answer back…Caro is looking for his favorite target and that would be Erdahl…the ref ruled that this was a catch…and then fumbled out of bounds…we like it when plays like that come to camera. Nothing happened on the drive scoring-wise, but that highlight was still fun to see.

Later…the defense was due to make another play…Grayson Lee of Little Snake River was trying to rip the ball out…no luck, but Quinteros was there to finish the job, and Lee would get the recovery inside enemy territory…now the offense can get back to work and try to finish the job.

…but they hit a road-block on the way…Caro is forced to scramble…he’s still looking…and he let Jack McGraw of Wauneta-Palisade get a little too close and he’s going down. Wauneta-Palisade is the Nebraska 6-man state champs, and plays like that one showed why.

But the good news was that Wyoming recovered…Caro is rolling out and he’s being pursued again…he’s looking for Erdahl and he found him in the back of the end zone. That ball was almost over-thrown, but the Pioneer managed to reach up, grab it and get his feet in bounds for a 15 yard touchdown…plus 2 on the kick…home team trails 16-to-14 with about 44 seconds until halftime.

That enough time for the Big Red to do something…and guess what play is going to be used? The defense was a little late in reacting and the opposition strikes again from 10 yards away...Kayton to Gray with 2 ticks left on the clock…Nebraska would hold a 24-to-14 lead, going into the locker room.

Third quarter…Wyoming has played mostly error-free ball up to this point…but this was one that Caro wanted to have back…too much on that throw…and into double coverage…that’s usually a recipe for disaster…Jacob Heldt of Elkhorn Valley grabs himself an interception…but the visitors could do nothing and had to give the ball back with no change in score.

So Caro had a chance to redeem himself…he would try it again…this time on the near side…he sees Connor Lee of Little Snake River…great adjustment to the pass and the Rattler will slither his way in easily on a 38 yard play…plus 2 more…and his team is right back in this one…trailing 24-22.

Now the defense is back and they had their moments…both great and not-so great…Kayton is trying to make something happen for the visitors…but he’ll cough up the ball inside the 5 yard line…Tea would make the recovery, but he probably should have just fallen on the ball…the ref said his knee hit the ground before he fumbled himself…yes it saved a touchdown, but now his team-mates are backed up as far as they can go, on their own 1.

The Big Red defense knew there was blood in the water and went after it…Tea can not get around the end…and Catarino Perez of Silver Lake will bring him down for the safety. I suppose giving up 2 points is better than 6, but it still does not feel good.

The home team would get other opportunities…and they made the best of some of them…Caro is looking for touchdown number 4…and his Buckaroo team-mate will help him out…Kremers will drag a defender with him for a 22 yard score…tack on 2 more and Wyoming would regain the lead…up 30-to-26, going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter…this play looked bad, but it was actually a blessing in disguise…Caro will get intercepted by Jerrod Moody of Elba/North Loup Scotia…but his knee came down at the 1…so it is not a touchback…so now the shoe is on the other foot…just like in the 3rd quarter.

Having said that…I think you know what’s coming…Kayton barely got his hands on the ball…right before Jess Hawk of Dubois got his hands on him and bring him down for the safety…the favor has been returned…Wyoming is now up 32-26.

Late in the game…the defense would strike again…Kayton is trying to get Nebraska out of a jam…and instead he put them into a bigger one…Quinteros is going to turn this into a 15-yard pick-6 with 1:33 to go…that was a pretty big nail that just got put in the coffin…the home team is in control leading 40-to-26.

Credit to Nebraska…they kept trying…and they wanted to do the one thing that they could not do in the second half…score offensively. They would get down to the 14, but Tea would swat away their chances…and kept the Big Red out of the end-zone.

That was the big difference maker…as the Wyoming 6-man all-stars, would make sure that the trophy would stay in the Cowboy state…final score…40-to-26. Wyoming is now 2-and-oh against their Cornhusker 6-man foes.