Over the past three days, WyoPreps has conducted polls regarding the 2020 Class 3A/4A state basketball tournaments.

I'm here to tell you this was done only out of curiosity. If you think we're crowning champions or trying to rub something in or pit rivals against each other, that was not our or my intent.

I know it's a sensitive time. I know this doesn't replace the games. Nor does this really bring closure for a bunch of seniors who didn't get to finish their high school careers.

This wasn't supposed to. It was merely done to see what high school basketball fans were thinking had the games been played two weeks ago. Why wait two weeks? No reason other than I was out of the office last week.

WyoPreps is Not crowning champions. We're not going to be awarding trophies or medals to anyone. It's simply the fans' perspective. I wish the games would have been played and all of this settled on the court. Unfortunately, they were not and for very good reason. Just look at how the coronavirus has spread across our state. Sure, Wyoming isn't in the same situation as other states, but proactive measures were taken so that the spread of COVID-19 wasn't worse.

In sports, we debate over pretty much everything. Who's the best player? Who's the best team? I think Team X would have beaten Team Y. Many, if not all of you, have had those types of conversations.

The polls that we conducted are merely for a perspective.

In the end, these polls are only opinions of fans and nothing concrete will come from this, other than opinion. The truth is we will never know who would have won, what upsets there might have been, or a which team could have gone on a "Cinderella" run? What makes sports great is the unknown until the final outcome. Unfortunately, high school basketball fans of class 3A and 4A teams won't get that opportunity in 2020.

Considering the continual spread of the coronavirus in this country, it may be a while before we can enjoy sports actually being played. I wish that wasn't the case.

Stay safe and healthy!

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