The 2022 Wyoming High School Cross Country State Championships will be contested in Ethete at Wyoming Indian High School on Saturday.

Looking at times, rankings, and finishes throughout the 2022 season on Wyoming Milesplit,, and other cross-country platforms, WyoPreps is providing fans a look at which individuals and teams to watch out for at this year’s championships.

Our friends at WyoPredicts also put out their predictions for Saturday's titles. Here's a look at how their models turned out.

Here is a glimpse from WyoPreps at the favorites, contenders, and perhaps a dark horse for the individual and team titles.

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2A Girls – 11:30 a.m.

Favorites = Mallory Jones, Moorcroft; Marilee Williams, Saratoga; Madison Teichman, Saratoga.

Other Contenders = Abby Palus, Hulett; Ruth Johnson, Thermopolis.

Dark Horse = Anessa Luna, Lovell.

Team Favorite = Saratoga

Other Team Contenders = Tongue River

2A Boys – 1:15 p.m.

Favorites = Grant Bartlett, Saratoga; Howard McNiven, Rocky Mountain/Burlington.

Other Contenders = Grady Bartlett, Saratoga; Al Spotted, Tongue River.

Dark Horse = Grant Winters, Rocky Mountain/Burlington.

Team Favorite = Rocky Mountain/Burlington

Other Team Contenders = Saratoga, Tongue River

3A Girls – 11:00 a.m.

Favorites = Ryann Smith, Rawlins; Ameya Eddy, Lander; Taylen Stinson, Cody.

Other Contenders = Ava Stafford, Cody; Zena Tapia, Worland.

Dark Horse = Karly Sabey, Lyman.

Team Favorite = Cody

Other Team Contenders = Buffalo

3A Boys – 12:45 p.m.

Favorites = Owen Burnett, Mountain View, Kaden Chatfield, Riverton.

Other Contenders = Jack Bishop, Worland.

Dark Horse = Aydan Loya, Torrington.

Team Favorites = Mountain View

Other Team Contenders = Worland, Cody

4A Girls – 10:30 a.m.

Favorites = Sydney Morrell, Cheyenne Central; Madison Antonino, Jackson.

Other Contenders = Addison Forry, Laramie.

Dark Horse = Ally Wheeler, Natrona County; Averie Perriton, Cheyenne Central.

Team Favorites = Cheyenne Central, Natrona County.

Other Team Contenders = Laramie, Jackson.

4A Boys – 12:15 p.m.

Favorites = Habtamu Wetzel, Star Valley; Bridger Brokaw, Cheyenne Central.

Other Contenders = Austin Akers, Sheridan; Dominic Eberle, Laramie; Tristan Enders, Natrona County.

Dark Horse = Landrum Wiley, Sheridan; Jackson Dutcher, Natrona County; Jase Burton, Star Valley.

Team Favorites = Cheyenne Central, Star Valley.

Other Team Contenders = Laramie, Sheridan.

The cross-country state championships will shift to Cheyenne next year.

2A East Regional Cross Country Meet

2A East Regional Cross Country Meet

4A West Regional Cross Country Meet

4A West Regional Cross Country Meet

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