The top girls’ high school soccer players for 2023 in the Cowboy State are receiving all-state honors.

The Wyoming Coaches Association released its all-state awards for the season that just concluded, as voted on by the head coaches.

Six players earned a third All-State accolade. Congratulations to Allison Beeston, Ally Boysen, Jessa Lynn, Taya McClennen, Reece Niemann, and Delaney Sullivan. 

16 more players received all-state for the second time in their prep career.

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The players below are listed based on the school’s name first and then alphabetically by their last name.



Jordan Griess – Cheyenne East 

Brooke Travers – Natrona County (All-State 2022

Saige Gustafson – Natrona County 

Cami Paskett – Riverton (All-State 2022)

Olivia Ballew – Sheridan (All-State 2022

Attie Westbrook – Thunder Basin 


Aubry DeWine – Campbell County  

Haley Pierson – Cheyenne East 

Taya McClennen – Jackson (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Peyton Hill – Kelly Walsh (All-State 2022

Bethany Strand – Kelly Walsh 

Allison Beeston – Laramie (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Kylan Campbell – Natrona County 

Brooke Dunham – Thunder Basin (All-State 2022


Ekena Little – Cheyenne Central (All-State 2022

Madison Kramer – Jackson 

Abigail Miller – Kelly Walsh 

Karli Woodruff – Kelly Walsh 

Libby Goodspeed – Laramie 

Madi Fossey – Riverton (All-State 2022

Sam Bonar – Thunder Basin (All-State 2022

Eagan Clark – Thunder Basin 


Mckenna Barham – Laramie (All-State 2022

Rian Barthel – Natrona County (All-State 2022

Morgan Shirley – Thunder Basin 

No special awards were released for Class 4A, such as any Senior Player of the Year or Underclassmen of the Year honors to WyoPreps. 



Cantrell Rosalez – Buffalo (All-State 2022

Ally Boysen – Cody (All-State 2021 & 2022

Bailey Wright – Douglas

Delaney Sullivan – Lander (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Cami Kenison – Mountain View 

Emma Hunt – Worland 


Vivi Ostheimer – Buffalo 

Aspen Kalkowski – Cody (All-State 2022

Jessa Lynn – Cody (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Kennedi Niemann – Cody (All-State 2022

Anabelle Nachazel – Lander (All-State 2022

Gabby McVay – Newcastle 

Ivy Agee – Powell 

Rivers Carrell – Worland (All-State 2022)


Cassidy Bessler – Buffalo 

Reece Niemann – Cody (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Ellie Talich – Cody 

Tatem Moore – Douglas

Mason Morton – Lander

Coy Erickson – Powell 

Lexi Archuleta – Rawlins 

Peyton Erleneaugh – Worland 


Payton Yost – Douglas 

Aislynn Donahue – Lander

Mackenzie Ray – Worland 

Senior Class Player of the Year = Ally Boysen, Cody 

Underclass Player of the Year = Rivers Carrell, Worland

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