The best high school boys’ soccer players in Wyoming for the 2023 season have been selected by head coaches around the state.

The Wyoming Coaches Association announced its all-state awards for this spring.

Congratulations to five players, Colson Coon, Caleb Howell, Jackson Hughes, Court Gonsalez, and Matt Nelson, who received a third all-state honor.

Ten more players received all-state for the second time in high school.

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The players below are listed by the school’s name first and then alphabetically by their last name.



Logan Custis – Cheyenne Central 

Kyrem Beristain – Jackson 

Jenson Smock – Jackson 

Beau Barclay – Kelly Walsh 

Colson Coon – Sheridan (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Riley Ringer – Thunder Basin (All-State 2022


Nate Brenchley – Cheyenne Central 

Sam Shumway – Cheyenne Central 

Johan Garcia – Jackson 

Britton Butler – Kelly Walsh

Parker O’Neill – Kelly Walsh (All-State 2022

Jael Reyes – Natrona County 

Caleb Howell – Thunder Basin (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Angel Ontiveros – Thunder Basin  


Ignatius John – Cheyenne Central 

Braden Hills – Jackson (All-State 2022

Hudsen Hollinger – Kelly Walsh 

Kameron Jimenez – Kelly Walsh 

Ruger Stowell – Riverton (All-State 2022

Karson Curtis – Rock Springs (All-State 2022

Breck Reed – Sheridan 

Ivan Delgado – Thunder Basin 


Kason Adsit – Kelly Walsh 

Abraham Bangoura – Laramie 

Hudson Conrad – Rock Springs 

No special awards got released for Class 4A, such as any Senior Player of the Year or Underclassmen of the Year honors.



Jackson Hughes – Douglas (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Braxton Doak – Green River 

Carter Ayers – Lander 

Chance Franks – Powell (All-State 2022

Elijah Hatch – Torrington 

Court Gonsalez – Worland (All-State 2021 & 2022)


Matt Nelson – Cody (All-State 2021 & 2022)

Lane Ewing – Douglas (All-State 2022

Braxton Cordova – Green River  

Odas Beason – Lander 

Silas Wheeler – Lander 

Nash Piekkola – Mountain View 

Jacob Orr – Powell 

Anthony Arnusch – Torrington 

Carter Clark – Worland 


Brogan Byram – Buffalo (All-State 2022

Remy Broussard – Cody (All-State 2022

Luke Ewing – Douglas (All-State 2022

Abram Vegara – Green River 

Callen Wheeler – Lander

Steven Stambaugh – Powell 

Kaden Riggs – Torrington 

Trae Bennett – Worland 


Holden Cooper – Powell 

Jose Morales – Rawlins 

Kade Weber – Worland 

No special awards got released for Class 3A, such as any Senior Player of the Year or Underclassmen of the Year honors.

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