One month of the high school basketball season has been played in Wyoming. WyoPreps is highlighting some of the top performances to this point of the season. We look at the top-three scoring games plus the most rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots. WyoPreps also highlights the leaders in double-doubles and anyone who has recorded a triple-double so far this season. We will update our peak performers post a few more times in the 2024 season.

Here are some of the top individual performances via stats submitted to the state statistician through Jan. 6, 2024.


Girls Single-Game Scoring:

Addie Forry, Laramie, 41 pts vs. Green River on 12-9-23

Elyn Bowers, Pinedale, 39 pts vs. Evanston on 12-15-23

Lauren Olsen, Douglas, 38 pts vs. Lingle-Ft. Laramie on 12-9-23

Boys Single-Game Scoring:

Brady Cook, Lingle-Ft. Laramie, 41 pts vs. Big Horn on 1-6-24

Mason Medley, Burns, 39 pts vs. Moorcroft on 12-7-23

Jaxson Neely, Wright, 38 pts vs. Rocky Mountain on 12-8-23

Girls Single-Game Rebounding:

Shye Killsontop, Wyoming Indian, 21 rebounds vs. Wright on 12-15-23

Boys Single-Game Rebounding:

Gage Palmer, Midwest, 20 rebounds vs. Wright JV on 1-4-24

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Girls Single-Game Assists:

Mikayla Alexander, Rock River, 13 vs. Midwest on 12-9-23

Boys Single-Game Assists:

Brody Roberts, Lingle-Ft. Laramie, 11 assists vs. Hulett on 12-15-23

Anthony Arnusch, Lingle-Ft. Laramie, 11 assists vs. Big Horn on 1-6-24

Kyle Smith, Hulett, 11 assists vs. Ten Sleep on 12-9-23

Girls Single-Game Steals:

Lauren Olsen, Douglas, 14 steals vs. Lander on 12-17-23

Boys Single-Game Steals:

Kannon Gilbert, Encampment, 9 steals vs. Ft. Washakie JV on 12-9-23

Girls Single-Game Blocked Shots:

Addison Demaret, Green River, 7 blocks vs. Mountain View on 12-14-23

Perla Rodriguez, Greybull, 7 blocks vs. Glenrock on 12-9-23

Boys Single-Game Block Shots:

Brady Cook, Lingle-Ft. Laramie, 7 blocks vs. Big Horn on 1-6-24

Owen Walker, Lovell, 7 blocks vs. Mountain View on 12-9-23

Girls Double-Double Leader:

Jessica Hoffman, Pine Bluffs, 6 double-doubles

Boys Double-Double Leader:

Aden Neese, Farson-Eden, 9 double-doubles


D. Shoyo, Ft. Washakie vs. Ten Sleep on 12-11-23: 22 pts, 11 rebounds, 10 steals.


For comparison, there have been 296 different double-doubles in the 2024 season versus one triple-double this season. That’s how rare those can be. Current basketball stats for the 2024 season can be found here.

Cody-Lovell Basketball

Cody-Lovell Basketball

Gallery Credit: Dave Treick

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