Highlights of the Saturday, May 19th girls soccer 4A State Championship game, between Central and Sheridan.

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A penalty kick in the first half, made the difference, as the Lady Indians snapped an 0-2-1 skid this season vs. the Lady Broncs, to win the 4A State Championship.



Oh sure…there’s always a few fans who think they can make the call themselves, but these guys took it one step further…and I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not.

Central vs. Sheridan for the 4A state championship…first half…Sheridan wearing the blue…Rickie Ryan got around the goalie…but the Central defense bought Kelley Fisher enough time to get back into position. She almost lost it though, but got it back before Maddy McClure could knock it in…these teams have each other figured out…this is the 4th time they’ve played other this season.

About mid-way through the first 40 minutes…this was a critical point in the game. Handball in the box…I know, sometimes a player can not react fast enough in that situation…but those are the breaks.

The Lady Indians get penalty kick as a result…Madi Barber gets the call…Bailey McLean broke the right way, but she was a split second too late. That goal made a difference and Central is on the board up 1-to-nothing.

The Lady Broncs kept trying…they knew how to beat the opposition…I mean they were 2-oh-and-1 against them this season…the trick was getting past Fisher again…it was still a 1-zip affair going into halftime.

2nd half…both teams now going in the opposite direction…the Lady Indians were looking to add on, Christie Schiel has a pretty good shot, but McLean with an equally good dive to knock the ball away…both teams were working to earn that trophy.

Here comes another good try…Central was thinking about the long kick-header combo. Great execution, but McLean was in the right place at the right time to knock it down and record another save. Now the Sheridan offense needs to get going on the other end.

Actually on this free kick they would get a little help from the opposition. That would’ve been an own goal had that ball gone in but Fisher knew better than that and did not take any chances.

The Lady Broncs were trying to win their first title since 19-93, and they were hoping for a bounce to go their way…it’s just that Central was not willing to give them an inch.

And in the end…a penalty kick made the difference…just not as many as we thought. The Lady Indians are once again state champions for the first time, since 2007. They finally beat Sheridan this season.

1-nil was the final score. Central would finish the season with a record of 13-5-and-2.