Video highlights of the Wyoming American Legion Baseball AA State Championship Game, between the Sheridan Troopers and Cheyenne Post 6, played in Jackson.

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The defending state champs would cruise through the tournament, outscoring the competition 66-14, to prepare for the 2016 AA Northwest Regional Tournament.



I know kids like to put on the big boy stuff and look like their heros, and the time will come when this little one can actually fit into all that catcher's equipment.

It's the Sheridan Troopers vs. Cheyenne Post 6 in the Double-A State Championship game at of the first...Sheridan wearing the red...Jeff Shanor hits into a fielders' choice...he's out at first, but the play allowed Blake King to score, and make this a 1-nothing game.

Bottom of the 1st...Cheyenne wasted very little time getting their offensive onslaught going...Brock Anderson was one of several guys to go deep...not quite enough to get out of here, but enough for a double and 2 R-B-I's...Ryan Andren and Ross Melchior head home, and the lead has changed's 2-to-1.

Top of the 2nd...the Troopers were threatening with a runner on second, but watch this...Grant Storebo with the snag on the pitcher's mound for 1...and then he and Andren will double-up the runner...thanks for coming, you are now excused. That took care of that.

Top of the 3rd...Storebo had himself a pretty good game on the mound...sorry pal, but the store is closed. 6 innings of work. Post 6 would add 1 run in the bottom of the 3rd to move ahead 3-to-1.

Top of the 4th...more defense...and this one was quick. The batter will line out to Melchior and then he will fire across the diamond to Lincoln Trujillo at first in time to double up the runner. The defending AA State Champs brought their A game, in terms of pitching, offense and defense.

Bottom of the 4th...first pitch to Sean Carson...look to the top left of the scoreboard...that ball is going over the Jackson big green wall and it is out of here. A solo shot, and that was the start of things to come...Cheyenne would increase their lead to 4-to-1.

Later...Andren is going the opposite way for a base hit...that will allow Carter Mossey to head home and touch the plate to make the score 5-to-1...and a passed ball would eventually make it 6-to-1.

Still in the bottom of the 4th...Trujillo batting...we did not actually see this one, but you can judge the body language of the left fielder that this ball is going out of the park. A 3-run blast. He had 5 RBI's in the game. Post 6 was trying to make a quick end to this...up 9-to-1.

Bottom of the 5th...Brandon Todd is going make a contribution with a base hit of his own to center-field...Mossey goes home to increase the's 10-to-1 at this point.

2 batters later...Andren again...he had a good game as well...3 extra base hits...brought in 3's another example as Trey Fleming and Todd will score some insurance runs....Post 6 was in firm control, leading 12-to-1 and a sac fly would make it 13-to-1.

Top of the's 13-to-2, which means the Troopers need to do something or else the mercy rule is going to take effect. Nolan McCafferty provides for the cause with a single. Coy Steel has the green light to go home, but his team needs more runs, down 13-to-3.

Sheridan was down to their final out and they need 1 more run...Godwin will answer the call and provide a little bit of life for his squad. McCafferty is in. Now it's 13-to-4, so they delayed the inevitable, for at least another half inning.

Bottom of the 7th...the end was near...bases juiced...Trujillo delivers the hit...Todd will score from third to activate the mercy rule...and then he has to run all the way over to first to join the celebration.

Cheyenne Post 6 repeats as AA State Champs...winning 14-to-4. It's their 14th title in 16 years and the season is not over.

They are the host for the upcoming AA Northwest Regional Tournament. Their record going into that 48-and-20.