Video highlights of the American Legion Baseball Wyoming AA State Championship Game, between the Gillette Roughriders vs. the Casper Oilers, played on Saturday, August 2nd in Gillette.

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Tanner Rogen went the distance on the mound for the Roughriders, and collected 9 K's, leading his team to only their 2nd state championship.



I think he has enough food to last him through the game. He did order the championship special after all.

It's the Gillette Roughriders vs. the Casper Oilers in the American Legion Baseball Wyoming AA State Championship game, played in Gillette...Top of the first...Roughriders batting...Lucas Rissler will get this base hit, just past the reach of the third baseman and into left field...there were 2 runners in scoring position and they will make their way in...Josh Hughes and Drayson Hladky score to put their team up by a count of 2-to-nothing.

Same inning...Casper would tighten up the defense...Kyle Chuman to John Fanto to Dan Gochaneur for the 6-4-3 double play...that would relieve some of the pressure, but the inning is not over. That was only 2 outs.

Next batter...this should be a routine ground out play, but that was not the case...Gochaneur can not hang on to the ball...Tanner Rogen is safe at first on the error...Alex King scores, to give his club a 3-zip lead.

Bottom of the first...runner at first for Casper...and he's just been erased. Rogen and Tyler Tennant pick him off, and that would take care of that threat. Everything was clicking for Gillette so far in this game.

Bottom of the second...Rogen would keep things going...there is the first of many victims. We will get you the body count later, but we will say he threw more than 100 pitches.

Bottom of the third...the Roughriders are threatening again, but the Oilers defense tried to respond...the tag is missed, but they get the out at first...Hladky scores...Tennant get credit for the RBI...the scoreboard now reads 4-to-zero.

Top of the 4th...Rogen had a great game on both sides of the ball. Here he will claim another victim and we are not even halfway through this game.

Bottom of the 4th...Casper will turn a different type of double play...that's strike 3, courtesy of Alec Meyers...then Brandon Johnson and Chuman team up to take out the runner at second...we had a little bit of everything in this game, except for home runs...Oilers still trail 4-to-nothing.

Top of the 5th...the Roughriders may be the visitors on the scoreboard, but they would show that this is still their field...Zach Donahoo to Ian Durgin to Tennant for their own 6-4-3 double play, and that would show that the defense is doing just as well as the pitching.

Bottom of the 5th...Rogen still on the mound...and setting them down...he had an MVP type performance and got that honor after the game, which was very well deserving.

Top of the 6th...Gillette looking for some more insurance...Durgin lifts a single into left-center field...Rogen scores easily to help his own cause, and that would make the score 5-to-zip.

Moving on...Hughes is going to tease the left field line and the first bounce was in fair that's good. The play ended up being a double...Durgin will complete his trip around the bases and go make this a 6-to-nothing contest.

Bottom of the 6th...more from Rogen...buh-bye. A complete game 9 innings, punching out 9 in the process. That makes for one really good game!

Top of the 7th...David Kerr pitching in relief for Casper...and he was able to stop the bleeding. He did his part, but the damage has already been done. It was up to his buddies to make repairs.

Bottom of the 7th...the 2-time AA State Runner Ups finally got some offense going...Gochaneur rips a single into left field and that will produce a much needed run for the Oilers...Fanto is going to race in and touch the plate...but his team still needs more, trailing 6-to-1.

They were looking for more, but the Roughriders defense would answer the call...Durgin to Donahoo to Tennant...4-6-3...and it looked like just another day at the office...they played error free ball which is what you need in a game like this.

Still in the bottom of the 7th...that double play would rejuvenate Rogen...he wanted that strikeout and he got it. The end was in sight, and it looked like he was able to put things back together.

Top of the 8th...the pitching matchup was actually getting pretty good at this point...Kerr fans another one to keep the score where it's just that the bats for Casper, were not doing their thing.

Bottom of the 8th...more defense...the runner at first is going...but Hladky and Durgin agreed that the only place he's going to, is back to the dugout. The hard part now for Gillette, is trying to contain their excitement.

That was especially true for Rogen...this pitch will clip the corner of the plate for strike 3...he's made it through 8, and now he just has to get 3 more, before he can call it a day.

Bottom of the 9th...I think Coach Nate Pereleberg was able to calm him down...NEXT! The home field edge was paying huge dividends, and when he gets comfortable...look out!

It was only a matter of time...and a routine ground out to 2nd that would polish it off...Durgin to Tennant...ball game...start the celebration!

Gillette wins their first AA State Title since score's only the 2nd time that they have won it all...and the only other time, was also on their own field.

The Roughriders head to the AA Northwest Regional Tournament...with a record of 47-and-30.