Video highlights of the Friday, December 13th 3A girls basketball game, between #2 Star Valley at Cody.

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A 10-0 run in the early part of the 3rd quarter, enabled the Fillies to enjoy a comfortable lead vs. the Lady Braves for the rest of the game.

For some...volleyball season never ends, and sometimes, you have to make do with what's available...even if it is the wrong type of ball.

#2 Star Valley at Cody...first quarter...Star Valley wearing the took about 3 minutes before anything happened...then Lindi Moore would launch a 3-bomb and blow up the net, to get the defending 3A state champs on the board first...but that ended up being their only field goal of the quarter.

Cody was getting their points up close...Laurel Place had a defender in her face, but that did not bother her one bit...she got the 2, and her team only trails by a score of 3-to-2.

Actually, Place was taking charge in the early she'll collect her own miss and score again...part of a 10 point game for the senior...but that would enable the Filles to take a 4-to-3 lead.

The home team did a good job of penetrating in the's Jessica Dollard adding to the cause...they would have the score doubled up...8-to-4, after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter...they would work on the outside game as's Michelle Fales...she was just barely touching the line, when she threw that ball it goes in as a very long 2...however Cody has built themselves a 10-4 lead good buddy.

The opposition needed to get some offense's been 6 minutes without a field goal...#34 took care of that problem with a 3...she was not listed in the program so we apologize...the Lady Braves and their fans know who she they trail 10-to-7.

Cody would go back to what was working...Rachel Lineberger bounces an assist to Emily Hinze who will take care of the rest...and open up some breathing room...the scoreboard now reads 12-to-7.

Star Valley would hang around...this is Shayla Patterson draining a 12-foot jumper...that would help...12-to-9 is where this game stands right now.

This contest was getting interesting for awhile...Madi Montgomery led all scorers with 12 and she's one of the shorter players on the team...don't misjudge her...home team goes back up 14-to-9.

The Lady Braves would then bring in their main scoring threat...Shay Schwab from 18 feet and finds nothing but the bottom of the net...she had a double digit game with 10...her squad is down 14-to-11.

They would get closer...Moore wants more but had to settle for 2 on this bank shot because she was standing on the line...but the visitors would take it, because the deficit was at was 14-13 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...The Fillies would get in their saddle and ride...Montgomery...wears #3 for a reason...and just showed why...that would push the score up to 17-13.

...and they were getting points from other players...Mariah Shumard hits the brakes, throws one up and it goes for 2...the home team was putting something together...leading 21-13.

Star Valley had a hard time remembering where Montgomery was...I guess 5'3" is easy to over look at times...this reminder was part of a 12-zip Cody would eventually go ahead 26-to-13.

The visitors needed to get back into this one as soon as possible...Schwab from college range and buries it...that's a start, but they are still trailing, 26-to-16.

However, the home team had a little more depth in this game...and they would use it...Abbey Brasher will get in on the scoring put the lead back into double's 28-18.

The seniors were having their moments as's Fales again...that Filly would weave around defenders like a real Filly does in barrel racing...Cody was ahead 30-to-18, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...they would stay after it and not let the competition get back into this game...Fales again gets around a defender and scores...home team now up 32-to-20.

Time was starting to become an enemy for the Lady Braves...and they needed some good on the 3, but Shelbey Brog was quick to get 2, but the deficit was becoming insurmountable to overcome....down 34-22.

...and there was some defense in this game...Place is going to put Patterson in her place...nothing personal...Cody would go on to spring the upset of the defending state champs...40-to-30.