Video highlights of the Saturday, March 7th, 1A Girls Basketball State Championship Game, between Cokeville vs. St. Stephens, played at the Casper Events Center.

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Trailing by 11 points with about 2:30 remaining in the 3rd quarter, the Lady Panthers would go on a near 7-minute 19-0 run, to storm past the Lady Eagles, and claim their 3rd championship in 5 years.



I'll always say this when it comes to Wyoming Native Americans and basketball...the players know how to bring it on the court, and the fans know how to bring it in the stands!

Cokeville vs. St. Stephens in the 1A State Championship game...first quarter...Cokeville wearing the white...down 7-2...They work the ball inside to Kataya Kallstrom, who will get a turn around high kiss off the glass for 2...that would put her team at a 7-to-4 disadvantage.

Meanwhile St. Stephens was taking advantage of a number of second chance opportunities...Hannah Blackburn was in the right place at the right time, to collect the miss and stick the ball back in for 2 more...and move the score up to 11-to-4.

Defense time...Trinity Goggles applying some back court pressure and it worked...and the foul...those 2 points were almost too easy...the Lady Eagles would move ahead 13-to-8.

Just about everything was going their way for the time being...and speaking of almost ran out on Uriah Addison...she will stick in a 3 with about 1 second to go..hard to top that...that would keep her girls in the lead...19-to-13, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...this is the first time St. Stephens has ever played in the state championship game...and so far they were proving that they belonged. Addison with a pretty good left handed lay in...and now her squad has a 10 point's 23-to-13.

They were getting it done on both sides of the ball...first...defense...Blackburn with the rejection...that's not all...the Lady Eagles were just beginning to take flight...that transitioned into some offense...Goggles is going to work her way through the crowd...hoop...and 1...19 points for the junior, and her girls are in a good spot...up 25-to-13.

Last year's state runner-ups may have been down...but they were by no means out of it...Kallstrom led her team with 16 points...but they still have more work to do...trailing 26-to-16.

All they could do was just slowly chip away at the deficit...Kate Fiscus may have been the smallest player on the court...but she did her the Lady Panthers are down 29-to-19.

A slow comeback was in the of the turnover...Fiscus will get the bucket on the far side for 2 more...and suddenly it just became a 6 point game...the scoreboard reads 30-to-24.

We have not yet seen the main scoring threat for St. Stephens...that would be Rachelle Lynch...this is college range plus and the junior knows what she was doing. She was one rebound short of a it's 33-to-26.

...but the opposition had no quit in them...Shyanna McKinnon has not heard a buzzer go off yet...that makes this a 3 point buzzer beater...that was huge...because Cokeville was only down 35-to-29 going into the locker room.

You could get a sense as to which side had the momentum...and once it gets going, it is hard to stop as you will soon find out.

3rd quarter...the Lady Eagles were able to regroup...Lynch gets her own miss and scores on the second chance opportunity...she and Goggles did most of the scoring and for awhile, it was it's 40-to-31...but this highlight is not over...first a turnover...and speaking of was time she did her can tell someone has been practicing...the score would move up to 42-to-31.

Between the 2 of them...Goggles and Lynch accounted for 46 points...and Lynch had 27 of them...quite a performance...and the lead is still in double's 44-to-33.

They were trying to put the nail in coffin on this game, which was not a bad idea...Goggles will take charge on this highlight and score again...remember she and Lynch are both juniors so they will both be back next year...St. Stephens is now ahead 46-to-35.

This highlight that you are about to see is critical...Goggles was just a one woman crew with the steal...and then she will bring it back for 2 more...her squad has an 11 point's 48-to-37...remember those numbers, because everything is about to change.

This is where the tide turned for good...Cassidy Harmon is going to get this party started with a big bang...and Cokeville was down 48-to-43, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the break changed nothing...the Panthers were still pouncing...they find Carol Tonga on the run and she will score 2 of her 12...this game is not 11 point lead is down to's 48-to-46.

They were spreading the love and keeping the defense off balance...McKinnon scored a dozen herself...and now we have a's 48-all and there is still plenty of time to play.

The lead would eventually change hands and Cokeville would build on it...McKinnon with a medium range jumper and she cans it...this is the first time her girls have it's 52-to-48.

Hope you have been doing the math, because there is more to add of the come Janetta Teichert...she knows what to do and she will add on...the scoreboard now reads 54-to-48.

The 4th quarter is where a game can be won or lost, and that was especially true in this game...Harmon is open...her team-mates find her and she finds the cap off a 19-zip the Lady Panthers are in the driver's seat...up 56-to-48.

St. Stephens needed some offense...nearly 7 minutes without 1 point...Lynch finally stops the bleeding...her girls trail 56-to-50, and there is still 4 minutes to go, so they have a little bit of time.

...but the opposition was not going to give them the time of day...they were able to pick and choose their shots...Kallstrom is right on target...that would move the score up to 58-to-51.

The Lady Eagles did not quit either...they needed a big stop and Blackburn is going to give them they needed the offense to produce, but as of late...that's easier said than done.

That run took a lot out of them...St. Stephens managed only 3 field goals the entire's one courtesy of Lynch...but 3 field goals in the 4th usually is not going to get the job done.

The best they could do is scramble...keep fighting and maybe get a turnover...Goggles will get one more basket for the cause...they are within striking distance...trailing 61-to-58 with about 30 seconds remaining.

...but then the game went into free throw mode...and the Lady Panthers were comfortable with that. Teichert did enough to put it out of reach. It was a great effort on the part of St. Stephens and quite a turn-around...for the past few years they were lucky if they could win the regional play-in game.

A runner-up finish is nothing to hang your head I said, their main weapons will be back next year.

In the meantime...Cokeville wins their 3rd title in 5 score...65-to-59.

The Lady Panthers put together a 27-and-1 record with only 2 seniors, so look out for them next year as well.