Video highlights of the Saturday, September 6th football game, between #1 1A Cokeville at #2 2A Mountain View.

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The best way to stop a good offense, is to keep them off of the field. That was the strategy for last year's 1A State Champ Panthers, against last year's 2A State Runner-Up Buffalos, who ended up hurting their own cause with 4 turnovers.



He's ready for some football, and he has his lightning proof helmet on as well. No way was Mother Nature going to postpone this game again.

#1 1A Cokeville at #2 2A Mountain View...first quarter...Mountain View wearing the purple..and they got off to a good start...Austin Housekeeper with the completion to Dusty Iorg, for what turned into a 20 yard gain and they are past midfield and into enemy territory.

On the next's the main rushing threat for the Buffalos...Cade Covington...takes the pitch...stiff arms one tackler and he will pick up 23 yards, down to the 11. We did not get his final numbers, but he had himself a pretty good game to start the season.

On the next play...the home team was so close, yet so far away...Housekeeper keeps it...and coughs it up...Jackson Linford with the recovery for Cokeville. That would eliminate that scoring threat, and now we're going the other way.

The Panthers would get about half-way down the field, but MV's defense would push them back...Housekeeper busts through on the linebacker blitz...gets the sack on Jace Peterson and forces the fumble. James Teichert would make the save and recover the ball. That play was busted from the start...and the visitors would have to punt the ball away.

Now on this highlight...don't blink because we did...and realized it too late...the pass is tipped, and Caleb Flake tried to reel it in...however on the tackle...Ellis Toomer will strip the ball that's a turnover.

Here's another look at it in slow Cole Jackson with the tip...and it did not hit the ground...this might actually be an interception, because Flake never had the ball secured in his possession. Nevertheless...the opposition now has the ball...and there's no score after the first 12 minutes.

Second quarter...the defending 1A state champs would cash in...Peterson rolls out and finds Toomer from 20 yards out...hey the junior started this drive with the's only proper that he finishes. The score is 8-to-nothing.

As for Peterson...he had his moments...both good and bad...this is one of the bad ones...he should've eaten the ball and take the sack, because this idea was a disastrous one...Alex Housekeeper with the I-N-T...he's keeping it and he's gone...60 yards on the pick 6...and last year's 2A state runner-ups got back into this game in a hurry...conversion no good, so they trail 8-to-6.

Cokeville would regroup...they put a good drive together...and then Petersen will find a path in from 2 yards out...that was some redemption...the score was 15-to-6, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the Panthers were doing 3 things...they kept the ball on the ground...kept the clock running...and kept Mountain View's offense off of the field...Teichert checks in from 6 yards and things were looking promising with a 23-6 advantage, going into the final 12 minutes...but this game was not over just yet.

4th quarter...the Buffalo's offense had to put something together soon...and here they did...Covington takes the direct snap...follows his blockers and scores from 5 yards...there is still some time, although the home team is still down 23-to-12.

...but the opposition would eat up most of that time...and took a chance or 2...on 4th and 2 from the Mountain View 41...Petersen would roll the dice on the option keeper and he would come up big...actually he would hit the jackpot. Time of possession was critical in this game...we did not get the exact numbers, but we know which team won that statistic.

To tell you the times...MV was their own worst enemy...4's an interception into the hands of Kennan Thompson. Cokeville would get a big road win to start the they would prevail in this one...30-to-12.