Video highlights of the 3A Volleyball State Championship Game, between Mountain View vs. Douglas.

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After dropping the first set vs. the Lady Buffalos, the Lady Bearcats would win the next 3, to win their first state championship, since 1998.



Wrestling season is still 1 month away, so we're going to have to wait that long to find out who our luchador is...uhh...I can't stand the suspense and mystery.

In the meantime...we have Mountain View vs. Douglas in the 3A State Championship game...first set...Douglas on the near side, wearing the blue and red...Ashlie Blackburn's kill will get deflected but the ball will stay on the other side of the net...her team needed more plays like that one, because they are down 18-to-11.

The comeback trail was going to be a long one, but the Lady Bearcats had the fight in them...Blackburn takes a different path this time, and sends one down the near side and it stays in...that would make the score a little bit closer, down 18-to-13.

Mountain View though, had a leg up in this set...Taylor Meeks is the only girl on either side that's taller than 6 feet...she stands at 6-2 and when she's that close to the net...she will get some it's 19-to-13.

Now libero's do not make the highlight reel often, unless they are serving...Hannah Bugas gets an assist from the net on the ace...hey whatever works...The Lady Buffalos go up 20-to-13.

Douglas would return the favor...Blackburn will show everyone how it's done the right way...but they could not overcome the deficit, and Mountain View would win the first set, 25-to-17.

Second set...Mountain View was trying to add on...Madison Vitt will have her kill blocked...but she hit it hard enough, that no one on the other side, knew where the ball went. Her team would take an early 5-to-2 lead.

The Lady Bearcats would change don't always need to use all 3 of your hits...Madison Hoopman found the hole in the defense and decided to finish this play now...that would put the score withing striking distance...down 5-to-4.

Eventually Douglas figured out that Vitt was the go to girl for the opposition...and someone had to stop her...Hoopman is just a freshman...and she would stand up to the senior and deny access...that point would tie the score up at 6.

However Vitt realized that she does not always need to rely on force...a light floater can sometimes do the trick and it did on this play...that caught the defense off guard...and the Lady Buffalos go back up 7-to-6.

The opposition would then borrow a page and try something similar...McKinsey Barnett will put a little love tap on this one...the defense tried to react, but they were just a little bit off on the adjustment...and the Lady Bearcats would take the lead, 8-to-7.

Moving on...Hoopman again...serving up an ace into Mountain View's face...she's got some claws, and has her team ahead 12-to-8.

Skipping ahead some...that love tap highlight you saw earlier worked once...and Barnett would try it again...and it worked again...Douglas was opening up some breathing room...leading 19-to-13.

The Lady Buffalos needed to get some other players in on the act...Marley Newton comes up with the block and that would help the cause...they need a few more though...trailing 24-to-19.

...but the comeback was not happening, because the Lady Bearcats would get this set over with...Hoopman with the slam dunk and that took care that...25-20 was the score, and this game is even at 1 set a piece.

3rd set... Mountain View on the near side...what did I say earlier? When Meeks is close to the net...good try by the defense on the block attempt, but they were the last one's to touch the ball...the scoreboard has 12 points for each team.

Let's show someone else...big things can come in small packages...this kill by Alexis Stoddard will get dug up...but that ball is going wayyy out of bounds...things are evened up at again at 13.

Let's give Stoddard another highlight shall we? The serve will be mis-played so that's an ace and another point for the cause. The Lady Buffalos would move ahead, 14-13.

They had the momentum going in their favor for awhile...Vitt's first kill try is going to be dug up...but she said, "Here I don't want it you take it back."  She would help her team take a 16-to-14 advantage, but it did not last.

Douglas would regroup...Hoopman is going to get the finish on this play, and the ball would bounce around like it was a pinball...tilt! The Lady Bearcats would win the third set, 25-to-21, and take a 2-sets to 1 lead.

Now in the 4th set...Mountain View serving...Bailey Lupher...good form, better delivery...bad response by the other team...that's another ace...her squad was hanging around, down 11-to-10.

Douglas would adjust...Hoopman again...deflected, but still gets the drop, and that is all she needed. The score moves up to 12-to-10 on that highlight.

The Lady Buffalos were putting up a fight...Newton with the cross court attack and that ball was barely in bounds...they were hanging around, trailing 12-to-11.

This set would go back and forth and stay close for the most part...Meeks will pound this one into the ground...and probably sent it 6 feet under as well...but they are on the wrong end of a 14-13 score.

The Lady Bearcats would change strategies...Blackburn will put just enough on this to get it over the defense and onto the floor...that would put her squad back in front, 15-to-14.

Skipping ahead...match point coming's all about peaking at the right time...and Hoopman would take her team to the top of the peak.

After a pretty rocky regular season...Douglas would get their act together and win their first state championship since 1998.

They win scores...17-25, 25-20, 25-21, and 25-20.

The Lady Bearcats would finish the season, with a record of 22 and 14.