Video highlights of the Saturday, December 20th inter-class girls basketball game, between #5 3A Star Valley vs. #3 4A Cheyenne East, played in Rock Springs.

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It was a game of runs and the Lady Thunderbirds had the last one, to pull away from the Lady Braves.



Good to see that some of us are in the holiday watching let alone calling a good basketball game should make anyone jolly!

#5 3A Star Valley vs. #3 4A Cheyenne East in an inter-class game at Rock Springs...first quarter...Star Valley wearing the white...down 2-nothing...Lindi Moore will step on the line, but that was the right distance for her...the swish would tie the score up at 2-points a-piece.

Then the defense would make a play and turn it around into points...Savannah Lucero with the deflection and she will go the distance by herself for the lay-in on the right side...this game was off to a good start...the Lady Braves are only down 5-to-4.

This was a match-up of 2 unbeaten teams coming we figured there would be some pretty good this one, as Jesse Erickson will bounce an assist to Ashton Brodahl for the bucket...East would move ahead by a score of 9-to-4.

The Lady Thunderbirds were the ones making the first move on the scoreboard...Brodahl is going to win this one-on-one encounter on the fast break...she led all scorers with 14 points, and that 2 would make this an 11-to-4 contest.

Once of the strengths that this team has is that they can find ways to get close to the hoop...Sierra Stellern will prove my point to build on the lead. East was up 13-to-4, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...Star Valley needed to start producing some offense soon, or else they were going to be in trouble...good drive and good finish by Kenedey Brog...that was pretty! However, her team is still down 13-to-6.

...but the Lady Thunderbirds had the 3-point shootout contest winner from the night before. You might think that Brodahl was tired after shooting 75 shots in that event...but that just made her stronger! It's now a 10 point game, at 16-to-6.

...and she was not the only one who could bury a long ball...Justene Hirsig has the form, the aim and hits the bulls-eye. That was part of a 14-to-2 run...the Lady Thunderbirds are now in command, leading 19-to-6.

The Lady Braves then realized that maybe they want to start playing like the was worth a shot...Lucero was wide open, so why not? It worked. They still trail by 10's 19-to-9.

That may not have been a good idea though...because it made Brodahl mad...the first try was no good, but the second try was right on target. The senior was having a good game, and East would go ahead by a score of 22-to-9.

Star Valley was not of the inbounds...Brog...jingle all the way! A good 3-point dual was going on, but her squad was looking at a 22-to-12 disadvantage.

Enough with the 3's for now...let's make some other baskets...Erickson...baseline drive...gets the 2...not much else happened in the final 3 minutes of the quarter...The Lady Thunderbirds would take a 24-to-13 lead into the locker room.

3rd quarter...East was turning up the pressure and getting the turnovers...Kayla Evans with the steal and Cosette Stellern will help herself to an easy 2 points. However, that was the only field goal they made in the quarter...but they are ahead 26-to-13.

The Lady Braves were trying to find some weaknesses in the defense...and there were not was one of them as Shania Warren finds a lane on the far side and get 2 points for the cause, but that did not work often...they still trail 26-to-15.

This highlight was similar to the last one...and maybe Star Valley had something going...Morgan Dana takes the inside lob and she will add on a couple of more points to the they are down 26-to-17.

...but they needed more points and 2's can only take you so far...Brog is aiming for the sky and puts three in orbit...and the Lady Braves were starting to get back into this game...trailing 26-to-20.

The momentum was in their favor and they would build on it...Kenadee Jenkins was in the right place at the right time to collect the miss and score on the 2nd chance...there is time. Star Valley was down 27-22 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the Lady Thunderbirds were trying to snap out of it...Ashton Horsley is off to the races, but Lucero will catch up and put a stop to those plans. East's offense was producing some free throws which was holding off the opposition for awhile.

...and the Lady Braves picked the wrong time to get into an offensive slump...Dana will score up close to break the drought, but the clock is starting to become the enemy...down 34-to-26.

East then decided to play like their opponent, you've seen this play a few times...well, Katie Loken found a way to make it work and push the lead back up to's 36-to-26.

With time on their side, they just needed to run some clock and get a few shots to drop...Sierra Stellern will do the the Lady Thunderbirds would move their record up to 6-and-oh...winning this one, 43-to-27.