Video highlights of the Friday, December 19th, inter-class boys basketball game, between #3 3A Star Valley vs. #3 4A Cheyenne East, played in Green River.

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After a slow start, the Thunderbirds managed to slow down the Braves enough to get past them and get the win.



You might think with all the running around I do at various games, that it would be a work-out unto itself...but I try to keep a routine now and then.

#3 3A Star Valley vs. #3 4A Cheyenne East in an inter-class matchup at Green River...first quarter...Star Valley wearing the white...already up 3-nothing...Cole Critchfield with the swish and he will double the score with one shot...that means we have ourselves a 6-zip game so far.

East would actually find themselves in an 8-nothing hole, before they finally got to work...Zach McCord with the pull up jumper to get his 17 point game started, but his team still has more work to do, trailing 8-to-2.

The Braves were trying to keep the opposition down in a deep hole...and speaking of deep...Critchfield again...he led all scorers with 19 points, and the game plan was working so far, with the scoreboard reading 11-to-2.

The Thunderbirds needed to wake up in more ways than's not even 10am yet, and you know how some high schoolers are...Connor Leihsing delivers a wake up call that was badly needed...but his team is still down 11-to-5.

They were starting to pick up the pace and it would produce points...McCord stops, pops and hits for 2 more, in order to keep pace...trailing 13-to-7.

East needed to get closer and needed a momentum shifter...Tyler Weinberger has one of shot and gets the bounces for they are in this game...only down 13-to-10, which is much better than earlier.

The boys in blue were on the move...and had the moves as well...check out this assist from McCord ahead to Caleb Reed who will get the finish. We have ourselves a ball game. It was 13-to-12, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...the momentum was growing...Leihsing with the steal and he'll bring it back for 2 more...the lead has changed hands, it's 14-to-13, following a 12-to-2 run.

Star Valley needed to regroup...but it was not easy...Jacob Pierson is going to brave the waters so to speak and gets the bucket, that would give the advantage back to his ahead 15-to-14.

...and Critchfield was still on the floor, so there was always the possibility that he was going to do something...and he did...3 more for the cause, and the pendulum has swing back in his team's direction...up 18-to-14.

East had a few more weapons at their disposal though...and they would use them...this is Tyler Peeples going the distance and getting the bucket and the lead back again...the score is 20-to-18.

The Braves were giving them a challenge's a new guy...Cody Orton eyes it...spies it...and buys it for 3...that was good deal...his squad would go back on top 23-to-20.

The Thunderbirds have not made many of those shots, but that was a about to change...McCord is going pull the cord on this one and hits...that helped...the boys in blue would go ahead 26-to-23, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...they would get a bit more crafty...and it paid off...we have not seen Elijah Oliver yet and neither has the defense...he would score on the rebound try to help put East ahead, by a score of 28-23.

I'm not sure where the sophomore was in the first half...but he picked a good time to show up...this shot will need a few extra bounces, but he would get the drop and 2 push the score up to 30-to-23.

As for Star Valley...their pace had slowed, compared to the first quarter...Orton will try to get some of it back on this drive and bucket...every little bit helped, but they were looking up at a 30-to-25 disadvantage.

Critchfield was still on the floor...and he did his part a long time ago, so could he produce a few more points? Ummm....yes, he could. That would close the deficit, and it is a 32-to-28 score.

Now this highlight was darn right sneaky...Bronson Muir...give and go and score...hope you did not blink, because that was fast...the Braves are within striking distance, down 32-to-30.

...but that was a close as they would get...because the defense could not stop Oliver. He had a hard time missing...17 points...all of them in the second half...and that would put the boys in blue ahead 34-to-30.

Want more from Oliver? We can do that. He just had to help himself. 3-ball in the side pocket...swish...he did whatever he wanted to do...East is now ahead 37-to-30.

The Braves would go to the bench to try to get back into this one...this is Max Fletcher, open at the top of the key...give him 3...that's one way to do it...but his team is still trailing 37-to-33.

The long ball was starting to work again...Orton off of the inbounds...ring 'em up...Star Valley just needs one more to tie the score...they are only down 39-36.

The Thunderbirds would pick the pace speed-wise however...2-on-1 and McCord will win this exchange...that bucket would open up some breathing room...up 42-to-36.

He still has some firepower in his arsenal as's a jumper from 17 feet away and he will connect on that one...the boys in blue would take a 44-to-36 advantage into the final 8 minutes.

4th took a couple of minutes before anyone did anything...Oliver again and he was pretty much Mr. Automatic in the second half...the lead is now up to's 46-to-36.

East probably had the better play selection and execution in this in point...Dashay Hunt draws the defense in, and then dishes to a wide open problem on that one...48-to-36 is score and time is becoming a factor with the difference at 12 points.

The Braves needed some defense and transition to start showing up...Critchfield would make that happen here...the to Kyler Battleson who will get the 2...but it's 50-to-40 with 2:19 to go, which is not a good spot to be in, if you are losing.

...but that defense thing was starting to pay off...McCord will get relieved of his duties...Critchfield is going to take care of this job himself...weave through traffic and's a 7-point deficit at 50-to-43.

...and there was more defense...Chase Critchfield picks off the pass and bring it back uncontested for a lay-in...the thing was that the opposition was knocking down their free throws, so Star Valley is still down 52-to-45.

At this point, the Thunderbirds had had just about enough...Oliver is on the run and he says defend this! He did not dunk because he was saving it for the dunk contest, later that night. East would prevail in a pretty good game...58-to-47.