Video highlights of the Saturday, January 31st, 4A Boys Basketball game, between #5 Sheridan at #1 East.

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The Thunderbirds jumped out to a 15-3 lead vs. Broncs, and endured a back and forth game of runs after that. Zach McCord and Elijah Oliver combined for 43 of East's 68 points.



That guy has a cool job...and he only has to work 2-3 minutes a day. I wonder if basketball would be more interesting if it was played with just a spotlight turned on?

#5 Sheridan at #1 East...first quarter...East wearing the white...Zach McCord did not waste much time getting to work...He's punching in at 3 o'clock and had another good game. His team is on the board first, leading 3-to-nothing.

The Thunderbirds wanted to prove that they were better than a 1 point win they had vs. Gillette the day before...Elijah Oliver strikes for 3, and already things are going better. This has quickly become a 6-zip game.

About 15 seconds comes more from Oliver...that was too easy. Everything has been pretty one sided so far, with the scoreboard reading 8-to-zero.

Oliver brought his 'A' game and he was not messing around...this fade-away jumper will add on more 2 more to his 21 points. East has made an early statement so far, ahead 10-to-nothing.

Sheridan needed to start producing some offense soon...or else...Zach Campbell will produce a 3 and that would get rid of the's a start, but they are down 10-to-3.

That did not bother the Thunderbirds, because they would get those 3 right back...Oliver again...the junior had a hot hand. He was heating up in the pre-game warm-ups and he would carry the momentum over. Now it's a 13-to-3 ball game.

The 2 big guns for the home team were ready...McCord also hit the 20 point mark in this game...22 to be exact...and if these highlights appear one sided so far...that's because the game was one sided so far. The scoreboard reads 15-to-3.

The Broncs did not have to hurry with a comeback bid, but they had to get started on it. Dylan Daniels launches for 3 and connects. The senior had a pretty good game himself, and his team trails right now, 15-to-6.

...and they did make a move...Cody Williams has a 1-on-1 fast break and he will win this exchange. It's 15-to-8 which is better than what it was 1 minute ago.

They would stay after it...Campbell poured in 11 for the cause...there's 3 of them...and the offense was finally showing up. The deficit is down to 17-to-11.

The momentum was staying with the boys in blue for a little while longer...this is Blake Godwin with the drive...pull up jumper...and that's 2. Now we have a decent matchup. It was 18-to-13 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...the big guns for East were reloading...and it did not take long for them to pull the trigger again. McCord...bang!...and things are back on track for his squad, leading 21-to-13.

...but Sheridan took that shot, and fired back with one of their own...Godwin has reservations for 3 and you can now be seated! Suddenly, we have a 3 point difference...the score is 21-to-18.

So far we've had ourselves quite the shootout in Cheyenne...McCord now has the hot hand, and he was burning the nets for the Thunderbirds...and he knew it. A much needed 3 makes this a 24-to-18 game.

...and Oliver was still on the floor as well. He did his own thing, whenever he wanted to, and on this get the idea. The lead is back up to's 29-to-20.

The Broncs played catch up once, and now they have to do it again...Daniels led all scorers with 24 points. This bucket would keep the deficit in single digits, but they are still down 31-to-22.

The home team did have other players that helped out...McCord was not perfect, but he had guys like Jacob Ross who had his back. Its all good for his squad, because now we have a 34-to-22 score.

The visitors were trying to get back in the saddle...Godwin is going to launch from college range and bury another 3...being down 34-to-25 is not exactly where his team wants to be, but they will have to take it for now.

...but they did have a problem dealing with the big guy sometimes...Ross is a 6-7 sophomore and he's pretty good with offensive rebounds and putbacks. The lead was back into double digits for was 36-to-25 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...Sheridan also needed to get more players in on the scoring, if they wanted to win...Kris Clark will join the party and every little bit helped, but they are still on the wrong end of a 41-to-29 score.

Later...they were picking up the pace and it was paying off some...great assist from Daniels to Campbell and there are a couple of Broncs on the same page. They are still down 10...41-to-31, and there is still some time.

The comeback was a slow one, but as long as you make your shots, you have a chance. Campbell will give the boys in blue 3 chances on this corner shot, and they have some fight in them...trailing 43-to-34.

The Thunderbirds would see their lead shrink to 5...and McCord and Oliver have been quiet for awhile...let's try someone else. Connor Leihsing...welcome to the party! He will announce his presence on that 3...and move the scoreboard up to 46-to-38.

Then one of the big 2 got back into it...McCord...pull up jumper for 3...and swishes it with about 4 seconds to go. That got the lead back into double digits for the home team as they would go ahead, 52-to-39 heading into the final 8 minutes.

4th was now or never for the visitors. They could not afford to be trailing big for much longer. Godwin thinks that now is a good time, as he would make a 2 point contribution, but it's 54-to-42 with his team still losing.

The problem was stopping McCord and Oliver...and even when they could, East had enough backup support. For example...Tyler Weinberger will uncork 3 and buries it. This game is almost in the bag, with the scoreboard reading 57-to-42.

Hate to say it...Sheridan was desperate...and desperate times calls for desperate shots...Daniels gets one to go in. There's not much time to spare. It's 58-to-45 with about 5 minutes to go.

Daniels was trying to bring his boys back by himself, and for awhile...he was doing it...this one is NBA range. Wow! The Broncs made a good run late in the game...but the key word is fact...too late. East would win, 68-to-61.