Powell High School athlete Ethan Asher is still recovering from injuries he suffered in an auto accident before the start of the football season. Asher made an inspirational appearance at the 3A State Championship football game back in November and has received support far and wide. Here's the latest statement from Ethan's family. EthanStong!

"We have been home for just short of 2 weeks. Adjusting is going well. I may have said it before, but at Craig, we learned how to deal in today. Today we go to therapy, today we take a nap, today we leave the hospital to eat dinner at a restaurant, no worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. 

We still take each day at a time. Yesterday Ethan went to school. He had a great day. He saw familiar faces. He learned a little government and it stuck. Today, we will try again. He will go to school for a few hours and we will see what he can handle. Ethan wants to do this, he wants to learn, he wants to be with his friends. So we will push forward, cautiously watching and waiting for signs of improvement or struggle.

We want to give a huge shout out to the Powell High School. You amaze me. You are an answer to prayer. God is using you in ways you are not aware of, thank you for being a vessel. We will all get through this part of the journey together, but we are blessed to be where we are and with the team we have. Every day is today, thank you for believing it too.

The update is Ethan is gaining weight. He is attempting school for 3 sessions a day. Ethan is getting stronger. He is going to PT as well as daily living at home. His memory is the same, his legs are not moving, and his right hand is still not awake. But God is still writing this story."

Ethan Asher
Tiffani Asher
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