Highlights of the Friday, April 5th Boys Soccer game, between #4 Cheyenne Central at #2 Gillette.

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Allowing their first goal of the season, did not faze the Camels, as they would score with less than 2 minutes to go, to get the win vs. the Indians.

Well…it looks like for once, Mother Nature is in the mood to watch a soccer game…even sent a peace offering that she’ll cooperate until the game is over…literally.

Number 4 Central at Number 2 Gillette…first half…Gillette wearing the white…Brandon Swan will try to connect off of the loose ball from the corner kick…that shot was blocked and then Brandon Toudt was able to dive on the ball, before Austin Fort could connect on the putback try…and the junior would get his team out of jam in the early going.

On the other end…Central would put together their own plan of attack…Aaron Gann would center the ball for Tayton Montgomery who would knock it home. The 2 forwards were on the same page and that’s the first goal the opposition has given up so far this season. The Indians now lead 1-nothing.

That upset the Camels just a little bit but they got over it and responded…the ball squirts free from Toudt. He’ll block one putback try, but he could not recover to stop Camdin Hinkel, who will cash in on the open net. The junior would help right the ship, and this contest is tied at 1 goal a-piece.

The home team was the aggressor for the most part…and they wanted more. Andy Guernsey sets up Clark Christenson, who forgot that this is soccer and not baseball. You’re not supposed to swing your leg and miss…especially when the goalie is out of place. The score would remain deadlocked at 1 going into halftime.

Second half…both teams now heading in the opposite direction…this play is flat out awesome…and I still have no idea how it happened. Great pass from Tyler Greener to Alex German, who is making a break for it. The junior got tripped up, but he would recover…however Toudt was ready. He should have been a dead duck and somehow he got the deflection. Talk about dodging a bullet. You can tell he’s been practicing for situations like that.

A good thing too, because more trouble was heading his way…Greener tries a little fancy ball handling off of the corner kick, but the Central goalie was up for the task on that one as well. We did not get his save numbers but he did have a good enough game to get in the highlights a number of times.

The Camels kept trying…but even when Toudt was out of place, they had a hard time catching a break. German with the set up to Christenson, who was about half a step behind on the play, and the connection could not be made. I got a feeling the junior is a little frustrated right about now. That’s twice!

But on the ensuing corner kick…we almost missed this one…this time Christenson uses his head and that one worked. He might want to start doing that a little more often. It can result in some much needed relief, when there’s less than 2 minutes to go. That goal was the difference maker, and Gillette would fight their way to a 2-to-1 victory, and remain undefeated.