Highlights of the 4A Girls State Championship Basketball game, between Gillette vs. Cheyenne East.

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A 10-0 run in the second quarter, plus a 14-1 run to end the 3rd quarter, paved the way for the Lady Camels to take home their 3rd title in 5 seasons.



Now this takes lots of training and lots of discipline. It’s not often we see them, but these girls can put on a show!

Gillette vs. Cheyenne East for the 4A state championship…first quarter…Gillette wearing the purple…and not wasting anytime off of the opening tip…Dani Williams runs over a defender…gets the bucket and the call…that would help her team get to an early 6-nothing advantage.

East would eventually get it in gear…here’s Kayla Cheney with the drive…bucket and 1…as the 3-point play would cut the deficit in half…trailing 6-to-3 at this point.

The Lady Thunderbirds were hanging around…Kayla Cheney thought about making a move…then decided to stay outside instead. Besides…3 points are better than 2 anyday…now her team is down 8-to-6.

The Lady Camels had to re-establish control…and that meant getting other players to contribute. Sierra Toms will put in the first 2 of her 10 points on this inside play…to push the score up to 10-to-6.

The opposition came right back…Sarah Erickson countered with 10 of her own to neutralize things, and that basket got those 2 points right back…her team is trailing 10-to-8.

Gillette then tried something new…Williams from the wing and the senior was flying on the 3…she led all scorers with 21 points, and that made this a 13-to-8 contest.

But East could do that as well…Erickson at the top of the key…and letting herself in for 3…these 2 teams were trading blows as the scoreboard read 13-to-11.

Later…tied at 16…Stephanie Casteel...another senior…hoop and the harm…things were looking interesting for awhile as the Lady Camels were up 20-to-17 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter…the advantage is down to 1…Williams is going to take the long way around the paint to get another 2 points, but it got the job done…and the refs gave her 1 more for her efforts…Gillette pushes their advantage to 23-19.

Gillette was making the first run of the game and they got several chances as well. Someone forgot about Toms and she had all day on this one. That’s a 3…and the lead is up to 8…it’s 27-19.

The long ball was working…and when that happens…you keep using it! Bridget Cargal is revving up the engines and she’ll find nothing but net…that would cap off a 10-zip run…and the Lady Camels were in decent shape with a 30-to-19 advantage.

The Lady Thunderbirds needed to stop the bleeding…Leah Cheney will wiggle her way around a few defenders and get a few friendly bounces, and her team needed that one…now they are down 30-to-21.

Gillette had one thing going for them and that was second chance points…they won that category 16-to-4…McCorra Ford collects her own rebound and puts just enough on the putback for 2 of her 14, to put the advantage back into double digits…it’s 34-24…but East countered quickly…Shayne Carter finishes a fast break on the near hoop…they were down 7 going into the locker room….the scoreboard said it was 35-to-28.

3rd quarter…the Lady Camels would stay on the attack…Williams strikes again and delivers 3 more…the senior had about as good of a championship game as one could have. That made it 41-to-30.

Now this next highlight marked a critical juncture…Elissia Johnson gets an offensive board and will score for East…to make it 41-to-32 with 6:20 left in the 3rd…but her team would score zero field goals for the remainder of the quarter…that was not good.

As expected…Gillette would take over…big time! First it was Williams with a short range jumper…and that was a start…now it’s 43-to-32.

Let’s get someone new in here…the lane is wide open for Julia Seamans and she knew what to do…and did it…the lead grows to 14…it’s 47-to-33.

The Lady Thunderbirds could not hit…while the Lady Camels could not miss! Shelby Johnson from wayyy downtown…and she likes the night life baby! A 14-to-1 run to close out the quarter…and a 22-point cushion…it was 55-to-33 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…uhhh sorry, but the comeback was not happening. The damage was done a long time ago…but just to be good sports…we’ll give East a little more love. Rachel Erickson strikes for 3…we had to get her in, even though the score stands at 60-to-38.

…and we’ll give the last highlight to Elissia Johnson…the senior ended her high school career with 10 points…although under the circumstances…that’s not much consolation. Her team never led in this game.

Gillette had this one in the bag a long time ago, but they waited for the final buzzer, to make it official.

Final score…69-to-48 as the Lady Camels bring back their 3rd title in a 5-year stretch…and they would finish this season, with a record of 21-and-6.