The annual Pat Weede Memorial Wrestling Tournament was held over the weekend with some very good in-state and out-of-state teams taking part. For the boys, this was a dual event and Thunder Basin went 7-1 in the duals, Sheridan and Star Valley went 5-3, Moorcroft went 4-4, Natrona 2-6, and Campbell County 1-7.

Individually, several wrestlers went undefeated in the tournament. Breckin Henry of Thunder Basin went 8-0 at 113 pounds, Tel Perry of Star Valley 8-0 at 132. Thunder Basin's Aston Leegard went 8 for 8 at 138, and his teammate Antonio Avila won all 8 of his matches at 144. At 157, Thunder Basin's Jais Rose also went 8-0 and Sheridan's Dane Steel went 8-0, winning 7 matches at 175 and 1 at 190.

The girl's portion at the Pat Weede was a bracketed tournament so here are the top Wyoming finishers in each weight class:

Day #1

96-105 lbs.      Kylie Benim -Wright                  (1st)

102-110 lbs.    Allie Walker-Thunder Basin       (2nd)

107-113 lbs.   Hallie Robertson-Star Valley      (1st)

112-115 lbs.   Paisley Smith-Star Valley           (1st)

115-124 lbs.   Chay Riley-Thunder Basin         (1st)

118-120 lbs.   Aspen Henry-Thunder Basin      (1st)

119-124 lbs.   Aiko Rubalcava-Thunder Basin  (1st)

126-132 lbs.  Carlee Roth-Thunder Basin         (1st)

128-132 lbs.   Remington Aullman-Star Valley  (1st)

129-134 lbs.  Helana Handlir-Thunder Basin    (1st)

134-140 lbs.  Autumn Clark of Thunder Basin   (1st)

135-140 lbs.  Paityn Covolo-Sheridan               (1st)

144-149 lbs.   Veil Foreman-Star Valley            (1st)

155-160 lbs.   Shaely Kunz of Star Valley         (1st)

172-188 lbs.   Harley Hunter-Campbell County (1st)

201-215 lbs.   Becca Oetken of Sheridan          (1st)

222-267 lbs.   Tamra Knight-Wright                   (1st)

Day #2


105 lbs.   Carlee Angell-Star Valley                  (2nd)

110 lbs.   Allison Leblanc-Powell                      (1st)

115 lbs.   Paisley Smith-Star Valley                  (1st)

120 lbs.   Aspen Henry-Thunder Basin             (1st)

125 lbs.   Chay Riley-Thunder Basin                 (1st)

130 lbs.   Samantha Walker-Star Valley            (2nd)

135 lbs.   Remington Aullman-Star Valley         (1st)

140 lbs.   Paityn Colovo-Sheridan                     (1st)

145 lbs.   Angelina Bontadelli-Powell                (1st)

155 lbs.   Veil Foreman-Star Valley                    (1st)

170 lbs.   Shaely Kunz-Star Valley                     (1st)

190 lbs.   Hartley Hunter-Campbell County       (1st)

235 lbs.   Becca Oetken-Sheridan                     (1st)

We have some pics to pass along from this tournament, compliments of Kellie Jo Allison and they can be found in our gallery below. Enjoy!

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Gillette Wrestling Tournament

Gillette Wrestling Tournament

Gallery Credit: Kellie Jo Allison

Wyoming High School Wrestling
Photo Courtesy: Kellie Jo Allison

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