Highlights of the Friday, December 9th girls basketball game, between Natrona County and Gillette.

Watch the highlights of the game!


Number 2 Natrona at #1 Gillette…first quarter…Natrona wearing the black…and they did not waste anytime…Kaylee Johnson gets the first bucket of the game off the opening tip for N-C and the Fillies take a 2-nothing lead.

The visitors were taking it right to the defending state champs early on…Medison Browning finds the open lane and lays it up and in to make the score 4-nothing.

Gillette would answer back…Sierra Toms buries a 12 foot jumper on the left wing for the first 2 of her 14 points and that got the Lady Camels on the board…trailing 4-to-2.

Skipping ahead…the home team was applying the full court press but the visitors were able to break it a number of times…Browning races down to the other end of the court and gets around 1 defender to add to her 10 point total…and the Fillies would jump out to a 14-to-6 advantage.

They were off to the races…almost literally…here’s Browning again on another fast break and she’ll get the finish…and Gillette fans were a bit stunned to see their team down 16-to-6.

The Lady Camels had to settle for outside shots at times, but they were able to knock them down…Toms proves my point again…but her team was down 17-to-8 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…how about some defense? Gillette tries to get around Johnson but she says sister…I don’t think so. You got to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one on her.

Bu the home team would get back into this game…Lexi Wilde was born to be wild…and that 3 got the crowd back into it…they’re still down 17-to-11

The Lady Camels were not afraid to take it outside and that strategy was working…Michaela Anderson launches one from the corner and hits the bulls-eye…that cut the deficit to 5…it’s 21-16.

The defending champs could provide some D as well…Kayzanne Graney thought she saw a light at the end of the tunnel…but Toms had the light switch and turned off that basket attempt..Gillette would close to within 1 a number of times, but could not get over the hump.

Natrona was able to keep the opposition at bay when it mattered…this bucket by Johnson opened up some breathing room and her team was up 25-22 at this point.

The Fillies kept finding ways to break the full court press..Graney learned her lesson from last time and gives it up to Emma Norvelle who will do the honors this time around…N-C would go into the locker room, up 27-24.

3rd quarter…Natrona would pick up where they left off…Johnson thought about going  1 way then goes the other and that was much easier…22 points for the 6 foot 1 inch sophomore…visitors are up 29-24.

This next highlight…I’m not sure where the defense was, but I do know it was nowhere to be found…Veronique Gallegos has an easy road to the hoop and the Fillies were in decent shape with a 6 point cushion…34-28.

Gillette would hand around…and they made their share of plays…Julia Seamans gets the steal and she’s going to take off the other way and get the job done…her team is still within striking distance…down 35-30.

The problem they had sometimes is when Natrona would break the full court press…the Lady Camels could not get back quick enough to recover…Johnson serves another example as the scoreboard now reads 42-34.

This next highlight ended up being one of the few times that Gillette was able to get inside…Toms get a bucket in at close range and thankfully the home team was only down 42-36, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…NC tried to make a move…Johnson gets through 3 defenders…draws the contact and get the bucket…the 3 point play made it 45-36 in favor of her team.

There was still time for Gillette to come back…Seamans is at the top of the key…and she’ll open the door for 3…that cut the deficit to 4…Lady Camels down 45-41…but they would get no closer.

The Fillies had the right strategy coming into this game and stuck to their game plan…Graney will put the nail into the coffin with this 3-bomb…as Natrona gets a big road win inside the Castle of Chaos…56-to-45.