Highlights of the Saturday, December 10th girls basketball game between #1 Wheatland and #2 Douglas.

Watch the highlights of the game!



Hurry Hurry Hurry…they’re already doing the player introductions…you know how important it is for the team to burst through the banner…espeically in a big game.

Number 1 Wheatland at number 2 douglas and the defending state champs would strike first…Chelsey Mudgett winds up with the loose ball and sticks it back in for 2 and that would put the Lady Bulldogs on board.

Douglas would respond…Kassidy Scott is lighting the fuse…and dropping the boom…18 points for the junior and there was more to come…we’re tied at 3.

Wheatland quickly figured it out early and got a hand in her face…but Scott had back-up…Carlie Cecil had her back and puts in the miss to give the Lady Bearcats a 5-to-3 advantage.

Douglas had 1 thing on their mind…payback from last season’s state semi-finals…Scott’s going to light up the board for 3 more…and her team was sharpening their claws early…up 8-to-3.

But the Lady Bulldogs were just coming out of the dog house…Breann Jackson is the big dog of the pack…she’s going to chase that cat up a tree and the refs give her one more…visitors trail 9-to-6 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the home team would maintain their advantage…Scott goes inside to Cecil who will contribute with 2 more of her 12 points…the scoreboard now reads, 11-to-6.

Wheatland had a few tricks up their sleeve…McKenzie Hellbaum inbounds it…gets it back…scores…that wasn’t too difficult for the senior….vistors still down 11-to-8.

The thing about Douglas is…they don’t have any seniors…the underclassmen lead the way and Cecil is one of them…this bucket gives her team a 5 point lead…14-to-9.

The Lady Bulldogs kept hanging around…Natalie de Ryk takes the lob inside…gets the hoop and the hack and the momentum…she contributed with a dozen of her own…Wheatland was still down 15-13 going into the locker room.

Hello…Rockettes?  If anyone ever takes a sick day I know of plenty of potential replacements!

3rd quarter…the Lady Bearcat defense would make a play…Cecil gets the deflection and takes off the other way with it…she wins the race to the hoop and is rewarded with 2 points…Douglas goes up 17-13.

This game was turning into a typical battle between the dogs and cats…back and forth it went…Marisa Peterson gets in on the fray with 2 points here…that has her club within striking distance…down 20-to-17.

The visitors would get closer…Muira Bunker got a little too close for comfort on this play…no call but she would get the 2…and it’s down to a 1 point game…20-to-19.

Douglas was not about ready to give up the lead just yet…this play was too easy as the defense forgot about Lateesha Hiser…she’ll announce her prescene and the Lady Bearcats open up a little breathing room…up 22-19.

The opposition would make sure the deficit would not get out of control…De Ryk is standing on the line so she will not get 3 on that…just a long 2…her team is down 24-21.

But it’s been awhile since the rivals down I-25 took the lead…de Ryk is going to take matters into her own hands and can this 18 foot jumper…and the Lady Bulldogs are back on top…25-24.

The Home team did not take too kind to that…Jessie Underberg is going to let er fly and buries it for 3…that would give her team a 29-25 lead going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…the Lady Bulldogs still had a few bones to bury…Peterson takes the inbounds…get the bucket and 1…she’d miss but her team is only down 29-27.

Here comes the defense and transition…Hellbaum is going to go fetch herself a ball and take this one back to the house for a layin…16 points for the senior and things are tied up at 31.

More defense coming up…scott is going to get her pockets picked by Amelia McGuire…she’s left ungarded off of the turnover and there’s a freebie for her…more importantly Wheatland is now winning…33-31.

Douglas would recorver…Heather Townsend has a gift for her team and it’s 3 if by air…the drama is starting to build as the lead shifts the other way…36-33 home team up at this point.

This game was a long ways from being over…de Ryk with a turn-around jumper and she gets the friendly bounce…the Lady Bulldogs go back up 37-36 and there’s still time on the clock.

Later…Douglas up 40-to-37 with a minute and half to go…Wheatland needs something…Hellbaum’s got it…dropping the bomb from long range…we’re knotted up again at 40.

Skipping ahead…we’re now on the other end of the court…Douglas would intentionally waste the last 1 minute and 15 seconds to set up the last shot…Scott with a tough shot that doesn’t go…Cecil’s put back at the buzzer won’t drop either…we’re going to overtime!

Let me tell you…the next 4 minutes were just as good as the previous 32…it was number 1 vs. number 2 after all…Scott drives and gets a kiss off the glass to give her team a 2 point lead.

But everytime the home team made a move…the visitors would counter…Hellbaum…from just inside the line…her team will have to settle for a tie-score for now instead of a 1 point lead.

The Lady Bearcats could do those types of shots as well…Underberg knows where the 3 point line is…she had to step on it in order to get this shot to the bank…her team is up 48-44.

Now the clock is starting to become a factor and the Lady Bulldogs need some quick scores…Jackson is able to provide for her team and they’re down 1…48-47.

Douglas would make a few free throws to go up 51-47…Wheatland has about 5 seconds left and they need to do something…Hellbaum is going to throw up an 18 footer out of desperation and it goes with about 2 ticks left…but they need 2 more points and the Lady Bearcats were able to run out the clock from there…and they would get their vengeance over Wheatland when the final horn sounded…51-to-49.