Highlights of the Thursday, December 29th girls basketball game between Wind River and #4 Wyoming Indian.

Watch the highlights of the game!



Somehow I don’t think he has a problem expressing who he thinks is number 1 in Ethete!

Wind River at #4 Wyoming Indian…first quarter…Wyoming Indian wearing the white and Kim Goggles did not take long to score off of the inbounds…Lady Chiefs strike first up 2-to-nothing.

They were moving the ball around in this non-conference game between the 2A southwest division rivals..Kanani Washakie is open under-neath and she’ll get the hoop and the hack to make it a 4-to-1 score.

How about a little defense…Jocelyn Underwood picks a pocket and find something she wants…she’ll deliver the assist to Jasmine McGill who will get the finish…and WIHS would jump out to 6-to-1 lead.

This is the championship game of the Fremont County Shootout…Goggles will get the offense rebound and stick it back in for another 2 of her 13 points…the Lady Chiefs were in command early…up 10-to-2.

Wind River would get it together a little bit later…this is Brett Groesbeck from just about free throw range and that’ll get her 2 points instead of the usual 1…The Lady Cougars found themselves trailing 10-to-7 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the visitors were doing pretty good for awhile…nice jumper by Kelsi Davidson..and now her team is only down by 1…it’s now 10-to-9.

It’s usually unheard of that Wind River would take a lead against their arch-rivals…but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…Amanda C’Bearing takes the lob and scores and just like that…the Lady Courgars are now on top..leading 13-to-11.

But that moment was shortlived…Underwood…3-ball in the side pocket…done…that took care of that…home team goes back up 14-13.

The opposition would hang around for a little while…Groesbeck gets a friendly bounce on her put-back try and things are back to a 1 point deficit…the scoreboard reads, 16-15.

If you remember the first highlight of this game…well…here’s a similar play…that was wayyy too easy for Goggles…WIHS is trying to open up some breathing room…leading 18-to-15.

The Lady Chiefs would take it outside as well…here’s Loveeda White…a freshman…now you know why she’s on the team…Wyoming Indian led 25-to-20 going into halftime.

3rd quarter…the home team is trying out their new floor this season…it looks like McGill likes it…because she can run on it…the score is now 27-20.

Skipping ahead…WIHS was starting to pull away, but they were being creative…good moves by Hill for the lay-in…she led all scorers with 21 points and the lead is in double-digits…40-to-24 at this point.

This game was starting to get out of control…as much as I hate to say it…with a few exceptions here and there..Wind River forgot to come out of the locker room after the break…C’Bearing strikes for 3 of her 11…but her team is down by a lot.

We’re going to skip a few highlights here and there only because the score was not even close at this point…Hill takes that free gift back to the house easily…Wyoming Indian led 46-to-28 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…there’s not much to show…as Wind River managed only 2 points…the rest was all Lady Chiefs as they would score the last 22 points of the game…this is Brindi Lock getting in on the act as the bench was getting some playing time.

We’re just going to end it with this last highlight…nothing against Wyoming Indian…but the 2nd half was a slaughter and it’s not worth our time showing all of it…well give the Lady Chiefs their credit…along with Hill for the good play…WIHS ended up winning this game in a rout….72-to-30.