Guernsey-Sunrise took a big step towards a home playoff game with a 42-35 road win over Kaycee on Friday afternoon. Kaycee had it going in the first half thanks to a couple of touchdowns from Alex Geisler as well as some big plays from Vaun Pierson and Harley Davis. But Guernsey stormed back thanks to the outstanding play of quarterback Brian McCord. He reeled off a series of long runs in the 2nd half and two of those gallops resulted in Viking touchdowns.

The Guernsey defense held on from there as the Vikings are 3-2 on the year and 2-1 in conference play. They'll host Burlington on Saturday while the Bucs are 0-5 and will be in Midwest on Friday

We have some all-star photographs of the game thanks to Anita Bartlett and a few pics of Kaycee's homecoming festivities. Enjoy!

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Guernsey Vs. Kaycee Football 10-8-21

Guernsey Vs. Kaycee Football

Kaycee Homecoming

Kaycee Homecoming