Number 2 is not a bad spot at all.

The 2012 High School National Finals Rodeo, is now complete and Wyoming finished #2 in a couple of events.

Teal Stoll of Pavillion finished #2 overall in the pole bending, and the Wyoming Cowgirls as a team, finished #2 in the nation.

Emily Faber of Rozet finished 4th in the Goat Tying, and Breanna Reimler was 5th in the pole bending.

It was a heart-breaker though for Kassidy Kruse of Gillette.

She was in first place going into the final round of competition in the Barrel Racing, but she knocked over a barrel in her final run and that ended up being costly.

All in all, Wyoming had 9 competitors qualify for the championship short-go.

To make the short go, you be in the top 20 on 2 runs combined.


Below are the Overall, Short-Go, 2nd Round and 1st Round standings.

Overall Standings: (Includes Short-Go Results)

Steer Wrestling:

8th Place - Austin Eller (Glendo) 20.62 seconds. Trails by 4.85 seconds.

23rd Place - Cutter DeHart (Laramie) 30.14 seconds. Trails by 19.38 seconds.

Pole Bending:

2nd Place - Teal Stoll (Pavillion) 60.841 seconds. Trails by 0.911 seconds.

5th Place - Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) 61.007 seconds. Trails by 1.077 seconds.

Not in the top 25 - Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland) 43.203 seconds. Trails by 3.745 seconds.

Goat Tying:

4th Place - Emily Faber (Rozet) 27.85 seconds. Trails by 1.03 seconds.

Not in the top 25 - Coralee Spratt (Lysite) 23. 2 seconds. Trails by 5.59 seconds.

Barrel Racing:

15th Place - Cassidy Kruse (Gillette) 57.252 seconds. Leads by 4.962 seconds.

25th Place -Kylee Cahoy (Sheridan) 35.829 seconds. Trails by 1.234 seconds.

Not in the Top 25 - Rheanna Gail (Farson) 41.346 seconds. Trails by 6.751 seconds.

Bull Riding:

16th Place (Tie) - Bryce Burnell (Arvada) 71 points. 1 for 3 on his rides.

Boys Cutting:

8th Place - Chett Whitman (Big Piney) 433 ponts. Trails by 16 points.

Not in the top 25 - Colby Thurston (Lance Creek) 394 points. Trails by 52 points.

Girls Cutting:

19th Place - Lacee Good (Greybull) 413 points. Trails by 24.5 points.

Not in the top 25 - Shelby Eckley (Pavillion) 393 points. Trails by 44.5 points.

Team Standings:

Boys: Wyoming is 18th out of 42 teams.

Girls: Wyoming is 2nd out of 38 teams.

Combined: Wyoming is 10th out of 44 teams.


Short-Go Results:

Pole Bending:

2nd Place - Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) 19.729 seconds. Trails by 0.002 seconds.

3rd Place - Teal Stoll (Pavillion) 19.745 seconds. Trails by 0.018 seconds.

Steer Wrestling:

11th Place - Austin Eller (Glendo) 8.47 seconds. Trails by 4.24 seconds.

Goat Tying:

6th Place (tie) - Emily Faber (Rozet) 9.46 seconds. Trails by 1.59 seconds.

Barrel Racing:

16th Place - Cassidy Kruse (Gillette) 22.657 seconds. Trails by 5.466 seconds.

Boys Cutting:

12th Place (Tie) - Chett Whitman (Big Piney) 211 points. Trails by 10 1/2 points.


2nd Round Standings:


Not in the top 25 - Garrett Ford (Gillette) - 50 points. Trails by 24 points.

Breakaway Roping:

37th Place - Kaylie Haun (Torrington) 3.83 seconds. Trails by 1.59 seconds.

53rd Place - Coralee Spratt (Lysite) 4.86 seconds. Trails by 2.62 seconds.

Steer Wrestling:

1st Place - Austin Eller (Glendo) 4.15 seconds. Leads by 0.16 seconds.

53rd Place - Drew Antone (Kinnear) 10.13 seconds. Trails by 5.98 seconds.

75th Place - Cutter DeHart (Laramie) 24.71 seconds. Trails by 20.56 seconds.

Pole Bending:

8th Place - Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) 20.176 seconds. Trails by 0.578 seconds.

19th Place - Teal Stoll (Pavillion) 20.468 seconds. Trails by 0.87 seconds.

46th Place - Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland) 20.957 seconds. Trails by 1.359 seconds.

122nd Place - Amber Robinson (Pinedale) 26.737 seconds. Trails by 7.139 seconds.

159th Place - Kaylie Haun (Torrington) 36.34 seconds. Trails by 16.742 seconds.

Goat Tying:

13th Place - Emily Faber (Rozet) 9.28 seconds. Trails by 1.02 seconds.

16th Place (Tie) - Shai Schaefer (Torrington) 9.49 seconds. Trails by 1.23 seconds.

84th Place - Coralee Spratt (Lysite) 13.37 seconds. Trails by 5.11 seconds.

Tie Down Calf Roping:

42nd Place - Garrett Grieve (Baggs) 13.78 seconds. Trails by 5.18 seconds.

47th Place - J.W. Thrush (Gillette) 14.12 seconds. Trails by 5.52 seconds.

89th Place - Cameron Irwin (Buffalo) 24.16 seconds. Trails by 15.56 seconds.

Barrel Racing:

1st Place - Cassidy Kruse (Gillette) 17.061 seconds. Leads by 0.127 seconds.

12th Place - Kylee Cahoy (Sheridan) 17.502 seconds. Trails by 0.441 seconds.

31st Place - Kaylie Haun (Torrington) 17.756 seconds. Trails by 0.695 seconds.

101st Place - Teal Stoll (Pavillion) 18.572 seconds. Trails by 1.511 seconds.

157th Place - Rheanna Gail (Farson) 23.605 seconds. Trails by 6.544 seconds.

Boys Cutting:

8th Place (Tie) - Chett Whitman (Big Piney) 214 points. Trails by 11 points.

63rd Place - Jayden Johnson (Casper) 192 points. Trails by 33 points.

Girls Cutting:

47th Place (Tie) - Lexi Hamm (Rozet) 204 points. Trails by 17 points.

62nd Place (Tie) - Lacee Good (Greybull) 201 points. Trails by 20 points.


First Round Results:

Bareback Riding:

33rd Place (tie) - Justin Kissack (Gillette) 52 points. Trails by 26 points.

Breakaway Roping:

30th Place - Ameila McGuire (Wheatland) 3.52 seconds. Trails by 1.49 seconds.

69th Place - Justene Hirsig (Cheyenne) 12.17 seconds.Trails by 10.14 seconds.

Tie-Down Calf Roping:

31st Place - Bailey Young (Gillette) 12.19 seconds. Trails by 3.70 seconds.

Pole Bending:

10th Place - Teal Stoll (Pavillion) 20.628 seconds. Trails by 0.768 seconds.

13th Place - Amber Robinson (Pinedale) 20.780 seconds. Trails by 0.920 seconds.

38th Place - Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) 21.102 seconds. Trails by 1.242 seconds.

83rd Place - Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland) 22.246 seconds. Trails by 2.386 seconds.

112th Place - Kaylie Haun (Torrington) 25.617 seconds. Trails by 5.757 seconds.

Barrel Racing:

2nd Place - Cassidy Kruse (Gillette) 17.534 seconds. Trails by 0.099 seconds.

14th Place - Rheanna Gail (Farson) 17.741 seconds. Trails by 0.306 seconds.

33rd Place (Tie) - Teal Stoll (Pavillion) 18.045 seconds. Trails by 0.610 seconds.

70th Place (Tie) - Kylee Cahoy (Sheridan) 18.327 seconds. Trails by 0.892 seconds.

148th Place - Kaylie Haun (Torrington) 23.133 seconds. Trails by 5.495 seconds.

Steer Wrestling:

3rd Place (Tie) - Cutter DeHart (Laramie) 5.43 seconds. Trails by 0.10 seconds.

30th Place - Austin Eller (Glendo) 8.00 seconds. Trails by 2.67 seconds.

Team Roping:

42nd Place- Garrett Grieve (Baggs) and Coley Nicholls (Kinnear) 13.85 seconds. Trail by 8.78 seconds.

Goat Tying:

15th Place - Emily Faber (Rozet) 9.11 seconds. Trails by 0.89 seconds.

32nd Place - Coralee Spratt (Lysite) 9.83 seconds. Trails by 1.61 seconds.

112th Place - Shai Schaefer (Torrington) 15.33 seconds. Trails by 7.11 seconds.

Bull Riding:

7th Place (Tie) - Bryce Burnell (Arvada) 71 points. Trails by 12 points.

Boys Cutting:

5th Place (Tie) - Chett Whitman (Big Piney) 219 points. Trails by 5 points.

42nd Place (Tie) - Colby Thurston (Lance Creek) 208 points. Trails by 16 points.

62nd Place (Tie) - Jayden Johnson (Casper) 197 points. Trails by 27 points.

65th Place - Ty Garrett (Casper) 193 points. Trails by 31 points.

Girls Cutting:

26th Place (Tie) - Lacee Good (Greybull) 212 points. Trails by 11 points.

26th Place (Tie) - Shelby Eckley (Pavillion) 212 points. Trails by 11 points.

32nd Place (Tie) - Lexi Hamm (Rozet) 211 points. Trails by 12 points.

73rd Place (Tie) - Jasmine Gould (Meeteetse) 200 points. Trails by 23 points.


Below is the list of Wyoming competitors that qualified for the High School NFR:



Jeffery Zdziarski (Sheridan)

Garrett Ford (Gillette)

Justin Kissack (Gillette)

Grant Griffin (Wheatland)


Saddle Broncs:

Blaze Cress (Hillsdale)

Mason Rockafellow (Clearmont)

J.W. Meiers (Mills)

Wiley King (Casper)


Tie-Down Roping:

Garrett Grieve (Baggs)

J.W. Thrush (Gillette)

Bailey Young (Gillette)

Cameron Irwin (Buffalo)


Breakaway Roping:

Deena Norell (Meeker, CO)

Coralee Spratt (Lysite)

Amelia McGuire (Wheatland)

Justene Hirsig (Cheyenne)


Steer Wrestling:

Austin Eller (Glendo)

Drew Antone (Kinnear)

Ross Wahlert (Grover, CO)

Kane Butcher (Jelm)

Cutter DeHart (Laramie)


Goat Tying:

Coralee Spratt (Lysite)

Jaime Thompson (Whitney, NE)

Emily Faber (Rozet)

Shai Schaefer (Torrington)


Barrel Racing:

Cassidy Kruse (Gillette)

Chandler Markel (Scottsbluff, NE)

Teal Stoll (Pavillion)

Rheanna Gail (Farson)

Kylee Cahoy (Sheridan)


Pole Bending:

Breanna Reimler (Buffalo)

Teal Stoll (Pavillion)

Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland)

Amber Robinson (Pinedale)


Team Roping:

Coley Nicholls (Kinnear) and Garrett Grieve (Baggs)

Jayden Johnson (Casper) and Klay Ready (Dixon)

K.L. Spratt (Lysite) and Logan Milligan (Torrington)

Ameila McGuire (Wheatland) and J.W. Thrush (Gillette)


Bull Riding:

Hawk Whitt (Thermopolis)

Bryce Burnell (Arvada)

Tyler Orchard (Baggs)

Drew Antone (Kinnear)


Boys Cutting:

Chett Whitman (Big Piney)

Colby Thurston (Lance Creek)

Jayden Johnson (Casper)

Ty Garrett (Casper)


Girls Cutting:

Lacee Good (Greybull)

Shelby Eckley (Riverton)

Jasmine Gould (Meeteetse)

Lexi Hamm (Rozet)