Highlights of the Friday, January 18th Girls Basketball game, between #3 Upton at Kaycee.

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The Lady Bucs would ride a 4th quarter 10-0 run to pull away and spring the surprise on their ranked conference foe.



Don’t worry if you forgot how the cheer goes. These little ones wrote them all down, and even made the signs for fans to hold up.

Number 3 Upton at Kaycee…first quarter…Kaycee wearing the white and scoring quickly off of the inbounds play. Faith Fauber gets the quick bucket to tie the score up at 2 points a-piece.

Meanwhile Upton was making moves of their own.  This is Loreana Rhoden with the drive, the hoop and the hack…the 3-point play would help get her team out to an early 7-to-2 advantage.

The Lady Bucs had to play catch up and they had to right plays in order to do it. Hannah Foley with the inside pass to Brekyn Hokanson and the 1-2 combination payed off. Home team still trails, 7-to-4.

…and then at times, Hokanson would take care of matters herself. Good screen inside the paint and that would clear a path for her to get the hoop…now her team is only down 9-to-6.

The first half of this game was riddled with fouls…that was good in some ways, and bad in others. Dakota Winsor gets the finish on the fast break and gets one more for her efforts…as she would help Kaycee even up the score at 10-all.

The Lady Bobcats were getting most of their points from the charity stripe…but that only gets you so far…a team needs baskets. Sophie Claycomb drains a short range jumper to put the visitors back up, 13-12…but there was just enough time on the clock for the opposition to get one more play in. Number 33 is Winsor and she throws one up from the line and connects for 2 ahead of the buzzer…as the Lady Bucs would swipe the lead back…14-13 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter…the home team was starting to find their stride…Fauber eyes it…spies it…and buys it for 3…that got things going, the score is now 17-13.

The senior was doing a good amount of the scoring for awhile…a number of players were getting in on the act…here’s Becca Manning working her way in for 2 of her 16 points to lead all scorers…and the lead for Kaycee has blossomed up to 7…it’s 23-16 at this point.

The Lady Bobcats would work on a comeback of their own. Claycomb will hit the brakes and shoot over her defender to get another 2 points for the cause…visitors now trail 23-20.

However the Lady Bucs were bucking the trend…this team is better than what their record is, because they’ve played a lot of 2A competition…Fauber gets the bucket right back for her team…as they would take a 25-20 advantage going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…the home team would stay after it. Despite the double team, Ellie Curuchet manages to get it over and gets the basket for her team…and they’re in decent shape leading 27-to-20.

The defense showed up at times as well. Curuchet gets the steal and she’s looking way ahead for Foley who has everyone else beat to the basket…and now Kaycee is enjoying a 9 point cushion with the score at 29-20.

Upton needed to get their act in gear soon, or else their #3 ranking was going to be in trouble. Kayla Leingang gets a 15-footer to drop…she led her team with 14 points, and now they’re down 29-22.

Leingang is the only senior on this team…meaning next year or the year after…the Lady Bobcats are going to have some more experience on the floor…that inside bucket made the score a little bit closer…visitors still trail 29-24…but at times, they did not get back on defense fast enough. Manning is wide open on the right side for an easy 2 points…and the home team now leads on the scoreboard, 31-24.

It was time to go back to the long range attack…Manning is in the near corner…and here comes a 3-ball into the corner pocket…the Lady Bucs had the momentum as they were sitting on a 34-26 score.

Sooner or later though…the Lady Bobcats were going to put a run together…and here it comes. Leingang strikes back with her own 3…that was much needed, as the visitors trailed, 36-32 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…Upton was starting to pounce. This is Erin Crawford putting in a lay up to add to the cause…the deficit is down to 2…it’s 36-34 and that’s the closest they’ve been in quite some time.

However…The Lady Bucs would regroup and here is where they would put the game away. Foley is going to weave her way in and around traffic inside the paint and score, to open up some breathing room…they’re up 38-34.

A number of free throws would increase the advantage…and the home team was on the run…literally. Winsor knew what to do on the far side and she’ll score 2 of her 10 points, to cap off a 10-zip run for her team…and that was the backbreaker. Kaycee takes over first place in the 1A northeast…by bumping off the opposition…final score, 58-to-42