Video highlights of the Saturday, January 4th girls basketball game, between #2 2A Kemmerer at #2 1A Cokeville.

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Trailing at halftime, the Lady Rangers more than doubled their first half point total in the 3rd quarter, in their Lincoln County rivalry vs. the Lady Panthers.



I'll say this much...he has a good defensive presence on the court...but his ball handling skills are rather poor and he's guaranteed to have some kind of a meltdown late in the game.

Number 2 Kemmerer at Number 2 a 2A vs. 1A matchup...first quarter...Cokeville wearing the white...this game is tied at 2...Kaylie Moyes is not going to be denied on this drive and bucket...she got what she wanted, to make this a 4-to-2 game.

Kemmerer had their own ways of getting points...Madison Vickery is going to run into a little bit of resistance, but she ended up getting those 2 points back, and this game was knotted up again at 4-all.

Actually, Vickery was the one who had a hot hand in the early she will spot up for a long 18 footer and drain it, to add on to her 14 point the Lady Rangers would go ahead, 6-to-4.

...but there was more than just her...she had team-mates who made their contributions...Marie McClaren is one of them, as she'll bury 3 of her give the visitors an 11-to-4 advantage.

The Lady Panthers though, would claw their way back into this one...and did it on the go...Kate Fiscus finishes the fast-break with 2 points...and now they would only find themselves down 11-to-9.

Fiscus may be the shortest player on the court at 5-1...but she was making big's one from the free throw line for 2 points...the home team would eventually even up the score at 13-to-13, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...last year's 1A state champs were making a move...Shyanna McKinnon will step up to the line...and knock one down for 3...they were spreading the points around, and now lead 18-to-13.

They could also score points up close, with the right players...Kataya Kallstrom will help Cokeville build a 7-point cushion...they lead 20-to-13 at this point.

The opposition may have been down a bit...but they were by no means out of it...Vickery is going to get a comeback started, as that bucket made this a 20-to-15 contest.

...and some shots were that easy...that was because the defense forgot where Vickery was...the senior strikes Kemmerer was getting closer...trailing 20-to-17.

Cokeville's lead would eventually shrink to 1, which meant they had to get back to work...Kallstrom was the only player for the home team to score in double digits with 10...and that 2 opened up a little breathing it's 22-to-19.

The junior did not always score up close...she would prove that she could occasionally get points from a distance...every little bit the Lady Panthers are now up 24-to-19.

The Lady Rangers would counter with one of their big girls as well...Amanda Pinter knew what her role was...score up close and draw fouls...the visitors would trail 24-21, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...a different team from Kemmerer would come out and you are about to started with Tia Tiller who will drive and score a lay-up...that has her squad down by's 26-23...but this highlight is not over...someone got a back-court turnover...and then Tiller would rush in and score a second time...and just like that...she has the visitors back in this game...down 26-25.

In the first half, it was Vickery scoring most of the it was Tiller that was taking over...someone got a halftime chew out from the coach, and the Lady Rangers were answering...they have reclaimed the lead, 27-26.

Not to be left out...was McClaren...she was silent, but deadly behind the line...there's 3 more could sense something was happening, with the scoreboard now showing 30-to-26.

...and Tiller was still doing her thing as well...the senior led all scorers with 20 points...and that bucket would polish off a 13-zip the visitors would go up 34-to-26.

The home team needed to get some offense going soon, or else they were going to have some big problems...Moyes was quick to respond...she's the only senior playing for Cokeville...who now trail 34-to-28.

...but that did not deter the opposition...apparently the second half has been their strong point, so far all's another basket by Tiller, and it's a 36-to-28 game.

Let's get someone new in about Abby Brunski...the sophomore will introduce herself with a long range jumper for 2...the lead is now up to's 38-28.

Meanwhile...the Lady Panthers had been knocked off their game plan, thanks to their opponent's resurgence...Kallstrom did her part to keep the team in this game...her team is down 40-to-30, but not much offense was produced after halftime.

Speaking of the 3rd quarter...Kemmerer did more than double what they did in the first 2 quarters combined...Vickery was still out there as well, as this bucket made it a 44-to-30 game, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...not much happening on either side, but there were a few moments...Tiller will assist Vickery on the fast break and the senior combination was getting it ahead 46-to-31.

The Lady Rangers just dominated the second half...outscoring Cokeville 31-to-13 in the process...Tiller was the main reason for the surge...and sometimes did it by herself...and also did it on defense as well...she was a one-player army at some moments...such as this one...this was pretty much the exclamation point on this game...and Kemmerer would get a big win on the road...52-to-37.