AA teams wrap up their regular season this week, and there a couple of 'A' League games, before districts.

Here are the schedules and scores for the last week of the regular season.

Click here to see A-League district tournament matchups and results.

Monday, July 21:

Torrington Tigers 15 Douglas Cats 11

Sheridan Jets 9 Lovell Mustangs 7

Sheridan Jets 8 Lovell Mustangs 5


Tuesday, July 22:

Casper Oilers 5 Jackson Giants 4 (Casper was down 4-1, going into the top of the 9th on the road and came back)


Wednesday, July 23:

Gillette Roughriders 1 Sheridan Troopers 0 (Forfeit)


Thursday, July 24:

Gillette Roughriders 14 Casper Oilers 11


Friday, July 25:

Cheyenne Post 6 24 Sheridan Troopers 5


Saturday, July 26:

Gillette Roughriders 11 Cheyenne Post 6 0