Video highlights of the Friday, January 24th 1A boys basketball game, between #4 Cokeville at #5 Little Snake River.

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The 3-time defending champion Rattlers would find ways to get to the free throw line and wear down the visiting Panthers to start conference play.



Boys will be boys...and give them a 2-liter bottle...well...use your imagination...and you can tell he's thinking about it!

#4 Cokeville at #5 Little Snake River...first quarter...Little Snake River wearing the about knowing where you are on the court...Slater Kaisler...great recovery and gets the bucket for the first score of the game, and it's 2-to-nothing.

The Rattlers got off to a good's Gabriele Sillari with a burst of quickness and he will get his game going to make this a 4-to-1 contest.

The 3-time defending state champs were finding ways to slither all over the paint...Tanner Jensen will show you what I mean...and that would help his team race out to an early 12-3 advantage.

Cokeville would then get their act in of the's Braxton Delgado cruising to the right side for 2...and now his team is down 12-to-5.

Now here's a smart play...the defense thought that the Panthers were going to drive inside...but Jonathan Fiscus like outside better...the 3 would close the gap some's 12-to-8.

L-S-R would work on their long range game as well...ok this was not quite that long for 3, but Keaton Jeannerett would settle for a long 2...and that would open up some it's 14-to-10.

The visitors would hang around...Fiscus drives and gets a fade-away of sorts to make this a 14-to-12 contest after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...not a lot of scoring on both sides, so this will be quick...Jeannerett will get several friendly bounces and eventually add on 2 more to his 12 point push the score up to 16-to-12...but the opposition came right back...Fiscus drives the far-base line and gets those 2 right back...he also scored a dozen and it's a 16-to-14 game now.

The boys in black were eyeing this game as an opportunity to prove that they are contenders this year...Nathan Cook puts a 10 foot jumper into the kettle...and we have ourselves a tie game at 16-all.

Of course in order to prove you are a have to get the lead...that's what Delgado wanted on this play and he got it...that bucket by the senior would put Cokeville ahead 18-to-16.

Little Snake River seemed to have slowed down some after that fast start...and they needed to pick up the pace...Tanner Pope finishes the fast break, to even up the was 18-18 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the offense for both teams kicked it up a notch...Jensen takes the inside lob and deposits a bucket to add on to his 17 point the Rattlers would reclaim the advantage...20-to-19.

The Panthers would counter...nice turn-around jumper by Cody Nate...he had a good second half and the lead would change hands it's 21-to-20.

Both teams would then reach into their bag of of the inbounds...Jensen again...draws the contact and gets the basket...the see saw has shifted again with the scoreboard reading 22-to-21.

The opposition had their plays too...nice bounce pass to Garrett Remington and he knew what to do...and the visitors are now winning, 23-to-22.

We're going to skip a few plays here and there and move forward...we need something different...Jordan Perkins is hiding behind the crowd, but he'll announce his presence with this 3-ball in the side the home team would go ahead, 27-to-25.

The boys in black could do that as well...but Keenan Thompson prefers to be dead-center and he was on that one...he put in 11 and his team is now leading, 30-to-29.

L-S-R would then make a move...they were finding ways to work the ball inside...and Jensen will cash in and get one more...the 3 point play puts his team on top, 32-to-30.

Jensen was taking charge for awhile...and he was doing a number things...offensive board...put back and 1...he was feeling the score is 37-to-30.

A pattern was developing...not only was Little Snake River scoring, they were also finding ways to get to the free throw line...Jeannerett with 2 and 1 more...the lead is at's 40-to-32.

Cokeville would regroup...Thompson is on the line so that's just 2, but it would put his squad within striking distance...trailing 40-to-36, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...they would get closer...and this play was luck...Nate was in the right place at the right time and took advantage of the deflection...the deficit is at 3...with the score at 43-to-40.

...but the free throws were starting to work in favor of the Rattlers...and fancy moves like this one...we have not seen Sillari in awhile...the senior led all scorers with 18, and that 2 would push the lead up to it's 51-to-41.

The Panthers would try to hang in there...Fiscus will stop, pop and hit from 11 feet and that got the deficit back down into single's 51-to-43, but his team needed more.

The home team was not about ready to give them more...Sillari strikes again like a Rattler and the venom was beginning to wear down their's a 53-to-45 game.

It was a good effort by the opposition, but the free throws took their toll...Perkins scores on the fast-break to push the lead back up to 10...and they would hold from there. Little Snake River would prevail in the Snake Pit...62-to-52.