Video highlights of the Friday, February 6th 2A Boys Basketball game, between #4 Big Piney at #5 Lyman.

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It was a game a runs, with the Eagles making the first move, and just had enough to hold off the Punchers.



I suppose that's one way to watch the game. If the crowd noise is a bit too much, you can watch the wall projection in the lobby. Less congestion, and better seating!

#4 Big Piney at #5 Lyman...first quarter...Lyman wearing the white...Brandon Jaggi is on a fast break...he has one defender to get around, and he would get around him to score the first bucket of the game, and put his team on the board first...2-to-nothing.

The Eagles were living up to their name-sake in the early-goings...True Lueck is going to fly like one, and his eagle eyed vision hits the bulls-eye for 3. That would make this a 5-to-1 contest, which is a good start as far as he was concerned.

The opposition was trying to punch their way in, but the defense was ready for them. Bryton Bluemel will come up with the loose ball and he will race down to the other end and lay in 2 of his 10 points. Everything was clicking so far for the home team, because they have a 9-to-4 advantage.

...and the defense was creating more opportunities for the offense...Bluemel with the deflection...and then he will get the ball to Lueck...the sophomore was warming up from behind the arc and he will can 3 more of his 17...Lyman has been taking charge so far, ahead 12-to-4.

Big Piney was a little slow out of the gates, but they would get it in gear. Jordan Banks drills a 3 and he was just getting started on his game. Now his team is trailing 17-to-9.

The Punchers were starting to find their punch and they got it on this highlight...J.D. Fear with the assist to Banks...hoop and 1. That happened with about 2 seconds to go. His boys were down 17-to-11, after the first 8 minutes.

Second Quarter...the visitors were able to recover from their slow start and get back into this they would work the ball inside to William Shafer and he will put in 2 of his 13. Now they only trail by's 17-to-13.

...and they would get closer. Shafer has a defender right in front of face, so he'll just shoot over it. Simple yet effective...BP is down 17-to-15 which is the closest they have been since the game started.

The Eagles were not about ready to give up that lead...not without a fight. Drew Rollins will shoot over his defender as well, but he gets the contact and the bucket. The senior had a double digit game with 10 it's 19-to-15.

Things in the 2A Southwest have been pretty crazy this season. That's why this game was important. Lueck understood what needed to be done and he did it, to put his squad ahead, by a count of 21-to-15.

...and the opposition did what they had to do as well. Banks put in 24 into his account. This base-line drive would get his squad back to within striking distance...trailing 21-to-19.

The home team would open up some space, so another come-back bid was in the works...Jak Tanner was wide open in the corner...that was good for his team and bad for the other one. Big Piney was thankful that they were only down 28-to-24, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...there was more work to be done...Banks did not mind...not with the numbers he produced...this 3 would put the Punchers down by 1's a 28-to-27 ball game now.

Lyman then made a pretty big move, to try to to seize command of this game...and we had a few technical difficulties, so we did not get all of it...but we got this one...Bluemel will score along the help build a 10-point cushion. It was 43-to-33, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...BP had some more work to do, and they were up to the challenge. Banks still has some! That was big, but his team needs more, trailing 46-to-40.

The Eagles were trying to fly away with a win, but they needed a few more points before that could happen. Lueck will soar through the lane and score 2 more. That would open up some breathing room, with the scoreboard reading 48-to-40.

The visitors would counter those 2's with 3's and it was a good trade. Tanner will take some of that and he will help himself with this 3-ball in the side pocket. They were not out of this one yet, but they were down 48-to-43.

The home team would stick with their flight pattern...Rollins has a path along the backdoor baseline...and the foul...the 3 point play would give his boys and 8 point advantage. It's 51-to-43.

The Punchers though still had something left in them...Shafer is going to tough it out and get a big 2 was part of a late run, and get the score was 53-to-50.

Same second to go...and one last chance...they give it to Banks for the tie...and he did not miss by much. He had the aim, just a little too much on the throw. Lyman would win a close one, and would pick up an important conference W...53-to-50.