Laramie High School announced Nick Darling as its new girls’ basketball head coach last Friday.

Darling spent the past four seasons as an assistant on the Laramie boys’ staff. He replaces Rod Tyson who left after two seasons and his second stint with the program.

Darling said that when the 4A position opened up, which doesn’t happen too often, he jumped at the chance.

“I needed a little more of a challenge. I know Jim’s (Shaffer) going to be here for a while (in Laramie as the boys’ head coach), I learned a ton from him last year, and I thought, let’s just see how it goes.”

Darling was chosen over several other candidates for the position.

He said he watched the team last season and sees the potential coming up.

“That’s kind of what prompted me to throw my hat in the ring.”

Darling added that’s he’s already watched a lot of film from last season to familiarize himself with the team coming back. He said he knows that between youth and injuries, their core is still young.

“Moving forward, I think we’ve got a lot of talent, and a big thing with me is every team I’ve coached is building a team that plays for one another. I think that, to me, looked like a big challenge last year for them. Playing for one another, cheering for one another, and really being a team, so that will be my focus, for sure, right away.”

Darling has also coached various levels of youth football, basketball, and baseball in the Gem City.

Laramie was just 4-18 last season and 0-6 in the 4A Southeast Quadrant. They went 0-2 at the regional tournament and did not qualify for the state tournament.

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