The track and field season cruised right along with the Natrona Invite that was held on Monday due to a weather postponement. On the boys' side, Natrona placed first with 254.33 points with Kelly Walsh 2nd and Laramie 3rd. The Natrona girls took first with 220.5 points as Kelly Walsh placed 2nd and Rawlins 3rd. Here's a rundown of the results.


100 Meters:   Brett Gifford-Natrona                      11.23

200 Meters:   Mason Weickum-Natrona               23.18

400 Meters:   Flynn Arnold-Laramie                      51.77

800 Meters:   Jackson Dutcher-Natrona               1.59.88

1600 Meters: Meyer Smith-Laramie                      4.33.48

3200 Meters: Dominic Eberle-Laramie                  9.49.22

110 Hurdles:  Bridger Anderson-Natrona              16.32

300 Hurdles:  Jack Nicholls-Kelly Walsh               44.09

4x100 Relay:  Natrona                                           43.39

4x400 Relay:  Natrona                                           3.37.89

4x800 Relay:  Kelly Walsh                                      8.58.93

1600 Medley: Laramie                                            3.37.89

High Jump:    Kaiden Lee- Natrona                        6-6

Long Jump:   John Rose-Laramie                          21-6.25

Triple Jump:  Bryce Stenson-Wheatland                41-5

Pole Vault:    Kavin Goff-Natrona                           13-6

Discus:         Christopher Gonzoles-Laramie         146-9

Shot-Put:      Christopher Gonzoles-Laramie         51-9


100 Meters:  Mackenzie Bradach-Natrona            12.93

200 Meters:  Desirae Iacovetto-Wheatland            26.57

400 Meters:  Ella Spear-Natrona                           1.00.25

800 Meters:  Ryann Smith-Rawlins                        2.18.25

1600 Meters: Ryann Smith-Rawlins                       5.13.67

3200 Meters: Ally Wheeler-Natrona                       11.50.44

100 Hurdles: Eva Nitschke-Rawlins                        15.60

300 Hurdles: Eva Nitschke-Rawlins                        46.72

4x100 Relay: Kelly Walsh                                        50.07

4x400 Relay: Kelly Walsh                                       4.13.49

4x800 Relay: Natrona                                             10.15.59

1600 Medley: Saratoga                                           4.36.39

High Jump:    Chloe Soester-Natrona                     5-1

Long Jump:   Mackenzie Bradach-Natrona            18-0.5

Triple Jump:  Maddy Bullard-Kelly Walsh               36-7.5

Pole Vault:    Abigail Milby-Kelly Walsh                  11-1

Discus:         Teagan Becker-Kelly Walsh               109-1

Shot-Put:      Teagan Becker-Kelly Walsh               38-0.25

We also have a huge collection of frames from this meet courtesy of Shannon Dutcher and they can be found in our gallery below. Enjoy!

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Natrona Invitational Track Meet

Natrona Invitational Track Meet
Wyoming High School Track and Field
Photo Courtesy: Shannon Dutcher

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