The wrestling season has been rolling along with one big meet tournament after another it seems like. The Rumble in Rawlins was a smaller event with 10 Wyoming teams competing. It was also a time to get some other wrestlers some mat time as Regionals and the State Tournament will be coming up soon. For the boys, this was a dual-format so there was no shortage of action.

Pool A Results

1st Place - Rawlins
2nd Place - Kelly Walsh
3rd Place - West Grand

Pool B Results

1st Place - Rock Springs
2nd Place - Kemmerer
3rd Place - Douglas

Pool C Results

1st Place - Torrington
2nd Place - Natrona County
3rd Place - Mountain View
Pool D Results

1st Place - Evanston
2nd Place - Buffalo
3rd Place - Kelly Walsh 2
Gold Results

1st Place - Rock Springs
2nd Place - Evanston
4th Place - Torrington
4th Place - Rawlins

Silver Results

2nd Place - Kemmerer
2nd Place - Kelly Walsh
4th Place - Natrona County
4th Place - Buffalo

Bronze Results

1st Place - Douglas
2nd Place - Kelly Walsh 2
4th Place - West Grand
4th Place - Mountain View

More than a few guys went unbeaten in the tournament and there were some sharp wrestlers in Rawlins on Saturday.

106 lbs.
Hudson Baker of Rawlins went 3-0
113 lbs.
Dane Arnoldi of Rock Springs went 4-0
Caleb Wright of Kelly Walsh went 4-0
120 lbs.
Santiago Cruz of Rock Springs went 4-0
Adrian Trujillo of Rawlins went 3-0
126 lbs.
Roany Proffit of Kemmerer went 4-0
Dylan Sorensen of Kelly Walsh went 3-0
132 lbs.
Justin Henry of Rock Springs went 4-0
Zachary Covolo of Rawlins went 3-0
138 lbs.
Cole Rogers of Kemmerer went 4-0
AJ Ramirez of Buffalo went 3-0
Ty Albaugh of Torrington went 3-0
144 lbs.
Colby Sandusky of Torrington went 3-0
150 lbs.
Jaxon Haider of Evanston went 4-0
William Alt of Kelly Walsh went 4-0
157 lbs.
Ethan Hague of Kelly Walsh went 4-0
Aydan Fuller of Natrona County went 3-0
Brendan Woodard of Torrington went 3-0
165 lbs.
Cole Robinette of Evanston went 4-0
Graison Kelley of Kemmerer went 4-0

175 lbs.
Brady Roberts of Evanston went 4-0

190 lbs. 
Tucker Sides of Natrona County went 3-0
Lance Rabel of Buffalo went 3-0
215 lbs.
Mekhi Bovee of Kelly Walsh went 4-0
285 lbs.
William Bybee of Rock Springs went 4-0

The girl's portion of Rumble in Rawlins was an individual tournament and some top-notch wrestlers were competing.

100-105 lbs.

1st Place - Riley Meyer of Kemmerer
2nd Place - Michelle Henman of Kelly Walsh
110 lbs.

1st Place - Morgan Lujan of West Grand
2nd Place - Hailey Martinez of Rawlins
115 lbs.

1st Place - Sidney Liechty of Evanston
2nd Place - Daniela Lopez of Rawlins
120 lbs.

1st Place - Laynee Walker of Kemmerer
2nd Place - Fatima Gulalai of Kemmerer
125 lbs.

1st Place - Olivianna McMahn of Rawlins
2nd Place - Jadyn Holbrook of Kelly Walsh
130 lbs.

1st Place - Paige Tongate of Rock Springs
2nd Place - Addison Thomas of Kelly Walsh
135 lbs.

1st Place - Isabelle Muldowney of Kelly Walsh
2nd Place - Penny Myer of West Grand
140 lbs.

1st Place - Kaylie Julander of Kemmerer
2nd Place - Abby Dickerson of Kelly Walsh
145 lbs.

1st Place - Skylee Gangwish of Kelly Walsh
2nd Place - Emily Moreno of Kelly Walsh
155-170 lbs.

1st Place - Sarah Eddy of Rock Springs
2nd Place - Sammi Cesko of Rawlins
190-235 lbs.

1st Place - Seriah Lamb of Evanston
2nd Place - Lexi Mathews of Evanston

And finally, we have a big batch of photos from Rawlins to share with you. They can be located in our gallery below. Enjoy!

Rawlins Wrestling Tournament

Rawlins Wrestling Tournament

Gallery Credit: Frank Gambino

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Rawlins Wrestling Tournament


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