Video highlights of the Saturday, January 10th 3A Girls Basketball game, between #4 Powell vs. Lovell, in the Championship Game of the Big Horn Basin Tournament, played at Thermopolis.

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The Lady Panthers nearly lost an 18-point 3rd quarter lead, as the Lady Bulldogs cut the margin to 2, but the clock ran out.



This is much easier than cleaning your he has some help. Boys will be boys.

#4 Powell vs. Lovell in the championship game of the Big Horn Basin Basketball Tournament at Thermopolis...first quarter...Powell wearing the black...down 2-to-nothing...Kalina (Kay-line-ah) Smith is launching the Powell punch! That's how any team wants to start their offense, and the score is now 3-to-2.

Lovell was focusing more on their inside game in the early goings...Savannah Savage has a 1-on-1 matchup and she will win this exchange and give the lead back to her team...they are up 4-to-3.

This was a non-conference game between the 2 northwest teams, so they still have to play each other twice...the defense might not want to be so loose when Breanna Donarski has the ball. The junior will split 2 defenders and give the advantage back to the Lady's 5-to-4.

There's only 2 seniors on the team, but the underclassmen have enough experience to make up for that...Danna Hanks is a junior and knows how to drain an open shot when she has the opportunity...that would make this a 9-to-4 contest.

They had the quick reflexes on defense as well...Smith with the steal and she will bring it back to the right side hoop and score 2 of her 15 points. Powell was establishing control early, with an 11-to-4 lead.

The Lady Bulldogs were not used to being in the doghouse, but they would slowly work their way out of it...Charri McArthur led all scorers with 19 points, and she was just getting started. Her team is down 11-to-6.

The junior wasn't quite comfortable with trying for 3's just yet, but she was just fine with long 2's...this is one is from roughly 18 feet away and she would earn herself another treat...and her team was only trailing 11-to-8 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...remember those 2 seniors that I mentioned that the Lady Panthers had? Here's one of them. Jenni Ebersberger passes up the 3 and drives for 2 instead, to keep her team in the lead, 15-to-10.

...and they would maintain that advantage...this play is very similar to the one you saw at the beginning of these highlights...Smith pulls the trigger again and has herself another 3 points...that would push the lead up to 8, with the scoreboard reading 23-to-15.

Powell was still on the run...Donarski is going to lead a drive and finish on the far side hoop...13 points were her numbers and the lead is in double it's 27-to-15, and the opposition needed a time out.

That short break did Lovell some good, because they needed to get back into it...Emilee Reasch gets a turn-around jumper to drop in...the comeback trail was long, but it had to start somewhere...her squad is still down's 27-to-17.

...but the Lady Panthers were not going to make the trail an easy one to travel on. Donarski will get those 2 points back, to move the score up to 29-to-17, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...Powell was trying to put this game away...and they almost did...this contribution by Smith will inflate the lead to its largest it's 37-to-19, and this game might be over, unless something happens real soon.

The Lady Bulldogs needed to do something now, or else...a deficit this big in high school is really difficult to come back on...Reasch did her job, but other players needed to do their trailing 39-to-23.

2 point baskets are nice...but when your squad is down by double digits...they need a few 3's to help the cause...McArthur has one of those and connects! The momentum was slowly building...down 39-to-26.

...but the Lady Panthers could quickly swing the momentum back in their favor with just one shot. Smith will take that shot and she will pounce on 3 of her own. Her team looked comfortable at this point...up 42-to-26.

Both teams were trading long balls, however Lovell needed them more...Lauren Hinckley is going to get in on the act...she poured in 14 points of her own. They have still have a chance although it's a small one, trailing 42-to-29.

The Lady Bulldogs were getting loose off of their chains...who let the dogs out? I think it was Mykelle Nicholls...she was wide open! They've closed to disadvantage to 10 was 42-to-32, going into the final 8 minutes, and there is still some hope.

4th quarter...they kept chipping away slowly but surely...Chayli McArthur is open behind the defense and that was an easy 2 Lovell trails by single's 45-to-36.

Here they go again...this time Hinckley is going to let one fly and she buries 3...all of 18 point deficit has been cut to 5...the scoreboard reads 45-to-40.

Powell needed to snap out of it fast...this game is not over...Hanks will go from one end of the floor to other and score, to open up some breathing's 49-to-42.

The Lady Panthers just had to pick up the pace and wear down the competition...this time Donarski is leading a fast break and she will score at the near give her squad a 51-to-42 advantage.

Time was starting to become a problem for the Lady Bulldogs and they needed to do something in a hurry...Charri McArthur is going to count to 3 and put 3 on the board to help the cause...her team needed that one...down 51-to-45.

The leaders for Lovell were trying to bring them back...Hinckley has one more 3 left in her and it came at the right time...they are within striking distance...down 51-to-48 with about 30 seconds to go.

Free throws would push the difference back up to another 3 is needed...Hinckley again...why not? If it works...keep using it. 53-to-51 is the score, with 7-point-8 ticks left on the clock.

...however the Lady Panthers just had to knock down 2 free throws to make it a 2 possession game...and Hanks would put the nail in the coffin. Powell nearly botched an 18 point lead, but held on to win the Big Horn Basin Tournament...55-to-51.