Video highlights of the Saturday, January 10th, inter-class Girls Basketball game, between #4 3A Powell at #2 2A Thermopolis, in the semi-finals of the Big Horn Basin Basketball Tournament.

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The Lady Panthers wore out the host Lady Bobcats who had some scoring problems in the 2nd and 4th quarters.



Not sure who did it, but the ball was confiscated to make sure it was properly inflated.#4 3A Powell at #2 2A inter-class matchup, in the semi-finals of the Big Horn Basin Basketball Tournament...first quarter...Thermopolis wearing the purple...Haylee Hoffman is open behind the arc, and she knew what to do. The senior will put in 3 and her team is on the board first, up 3-to-nothing.The Lady Bobcats were not afraid to battle up close either...Tyelynn Myers has a defender in her face, but she will get the turn-around jumper to drop in, to help her team race out to an 8-to-2 lead.

Powell was off to a slow start, but they would pick it up. Megan Wagner passes up the 3...and drives right through the defense like a hot knife through butter and gets 2 instead. It's early...not a big deal, although the score is doubled up, down 8-to-4.

The home team was looking for angles of attack...the defense was a little slow to adjust to the far side...and that gave Sierra Schmidt all the room that she needed. The bucket would have the scoreboard showing 10-4 good buddy.

The Lady Panthers were waiting to pounce...they just had to figure out how far they were going to go. No good on the 3, but Jenni Ebersberger will get her own rebound, and try from closer range to get 2 points. They were hanging around, despite trailing 10-to-6.

The purple people were producing...this time Myers will just barely put enough on this shot...and I mean barely. The senior will get the drop after what seemed like forever. Her squad was happy so far, with a 12-to-6 advantage after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...the visitors were slowly crawling back into this game. They just had to help themselves. Danna Hanks will pick a pocket cleanly and there is no one between her and 2 points. That would make this game a little's 12-to-8.

Powell was picking up the pace and it was producing some points...Hanks is on the run again, and she will give an assist to Dani Asay who will finish the job. The deficit is still at 4...they are down 14-to-10.

Hanks was the one who was taking charge for awhile, although she was not charging literally. She led all scorers with a dozen points, and this drive and basket makes it a 1-point contest. Now it's 14-to-13.

There was more...Hanks is a junior, but she was playing like a leader. Good speed, good ball control, good finish...and the lead has changed hands. The Lady Panthers would now find themselves on top, 15-to-14.

Thermopolis managed only 2 points the entire quarter...which meant the opposition had a chance to seize control, and they did somewhat...Kalina Smith is behind the group and she will get a little swirly for her 2 points. It was a 17-to-14 ball game going into the locker room...1 quarter can make a difference.

3rd quarter...Thermopolis needed to get out of a drought...Bailey Fisher will throw up a running left handed shot and around the world it would go for 2...they have cut the deficit to 1...trailing 17-to-16.

The visitors would regroup and had no plans to give up the lead...Wagner gets to do the honors...and 1...the 3 point play would open up some space. The scoreboard reads 20-to-16.

They needed to get the opposition off of their back...all they needed was an opening. No one was on Breanna Donarski's back, and her aim on this 3 was dead center! That was's 24-to-17, which makes for an 18-to-5 run, since the 2nd quarter started.

The Lady Bobcats were not out of this one, although they were playing in their 3rd game in a little more than 24 hours. Fisher will finish the job herself, and cut her team-mates a small break, but they still trail 24-to-19.

They may have been tired, but they knew they had to keep going...this is their court. Schmidt with the catch, shoot, and the foul...the team would stay in range, down 32-to-26, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...Powell would take started with the defense...Donarski with the back court steal, and then Smith had a wide open path to get 2 more points...and that would move the score up to 34-to-26.

The visitors would maintain their pace...Hanks is going to take care of things herself as she will go from one end of the court to the other and score...the lead is in double's 38-to-27 and time is becoming a factor.

Not much went right for Thermopolis in the 4th...remember they had similar problems in the 2nd. Probably should have called a timeout in this situation, but instead, Hanks get the turnover and another the Lady Panthers would pull away to win this one comfortably...45-to-30.