The 2024 Wyoming High School girls' soccer season began last week with about half the teams in the state playing games, and the other half waiting to get their season underway. There were even a couple of conference matches in Class 3A. This is the first standings update of the 2024 season.


Teams are listed by their conference point total first, and then by their overall point total. If a tie exists, teams are listed alphabetically unless a head-to-head result can break the tie.

3A teams will go to a shootout to determine a winner in only conference matches. Teams will get 3 points for a win. Losing teams receive 1 point for a tie in regulation time before the shootout in only conference matches.

3A WEST: (Overall Record, followed by Conference Record)

Cody 2-0… 6 points, 1-0… 3 points

Powell 1-0… 3 points; 1-0… 3 points

Green River 0-0

Lander 0-0

Lyman 0-0

Mountain View 0-0

Pinedale 0-2… 0 points; 0-2… 0 points

3A EAST: (Overall Record, followed by Conference Record)

Douglas 0-0

Newcastle 0-0

Torrington 0-0

Buffalo 0-1… 0 points

Rawlins 0-2… 0 points

Worland 0-2… 0 points

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4A Teams get 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. There are no more overtime periods.

4A WEST: (Overall Record, followed by Conference Record)

Rock Springs 2-0… 6 points

Star Valley 1-0-1… 4 points

Evanston 0-1-1… 1 point

Natrona County 0-1-1… 1 point

Kelly Walsh 0-0

Jackson 0-0

Riverton 0-0

4A EAST: (Overall Record, followed by Conference Record)

Campbell County 2-0… 6 points

Cheyenne Central 2-0… 6 points

Cheyenne East 2-0… 6 points

Sheridan 2-0… 6 points

Thunder Basin 1-0-1… 4 points

Cheyenne South 1-1… 3 points

Laramie 0-2… 0 points

Sheridan-Worland Soccer

Sheridan-Worland Soccer

Gallery Credit: James Yule

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