If it wasn't for a specific rule, the final margin of victory in the Shrine Bowl might have been much higher.

Colter Hamel of Green River (Offensive MVP) threw for four touchdowns and ran another one in, and Zac Zimmerer of Southeast (Defensive MVP) made three interceptions, as the South team blitzed the North, leading 42-6 at halftime, and went on to win 56-33.

Jeremy Woods of Cheyenne East scored 4 times, (2 receiving, 2 running), and Daniel Wille of Little Snake River, caught 2 TD passes to help the South's cause.

The north was able to dominate the time of possession in the 2nd half, because of a Shrine Bowl rule that says, if the losing team scores and still trails by 14 points or more, they can elect to receive the ensuing kickoff.

Jordan Roberts of Sheridan scored twice for the north.

The game ended up being the highest scored Shrine Bowl game ever with 89 points scored.

The old record was 54 set back in 1996.

The South also broke their old record for most points scored in a game (41 back in 1996).

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South: 14-28-0-14 = 56

North: 6-0-14-13 = 33


1st Quarter:

South: Matt Eddington (Evanston) 25 yard pass from Colter Hamel (Green River), plus PAT - 10:47 (S 7 N 0)

North: Jordan Roberts (Sheridan) 6 yard run, PAT no good - 10:30 (S 7 N 6)

South: Jeremy Woods (Cheyenne East) 14 yard pass from Hamel, plus PAT - 3:45 (S 14 N 6)

2nd Quarter:

South: Daniel Wille (Little Snake River) 34 yard pass from Wade Eyre (Lyman), plus PAT - 10:40 (S 21 N 6)

South: Hamel 6 yard run, plus PAT - 10:00 (S 28 N 6)

South: Woods 17 yard pass from Hamel, plus PAT - 4:31 (S 35 N 6)

South: Woods 1 yard run, plus PAT - 0:27 (S 42 N 6)

3rd Quarter:

North: Tanner Simpson (Lander) 5 yard pass from Kade Wasson (Gillette), plus PAT - 10:11 (S 42 N 13)

North: Roberts 1 yard run, plus PAT - 4:19 (S 42 N 20)

4th Quarter:

South: Woods 1 yard run, plus PAT - 8:40 (S 49 N 20)

North: Nick Bazemore (Gillette) 3 yard run, PAT no good - 5:22 (S 49 N 26)

North: Josh Cragoe (Powell) 80 yard run, plus PAT - 4:02 (S 49 N 33)

South: Wille 25 yard pass from Hamel, plus PAT - 1:49 (S 56 N 33)


We maybe 2 months away from the start of practice, but there are those who just can’t wait to play with the pigskin again…myself included!

It’s the 39th annual Shrine Bowl in Casper…North vs. South…first quarter…south wearing the white…and on the march with their first possession…Colter Hamel of Green River rolls out and he will find a very wide open Matt Eddington of Evanston…for a 25 yard touchdown play. A 9 play 80 yard drive and the south strikes first up 7-to-nothing.

After a failed onside kick…the north would get going in great field position…Kade Wasson of Gillette is looking for Tanner Simpson of Lander and he finds him on the far side line…a 47 yard pick-up…down to the 6 yard line and the north was in business.

On the next play…they’d give it to Jordan Roberts of Sheridan and he’ll do what he does best…run and score touchdowns…PAT no good, so the south still leads 7-to-6.

The south would open up their arsenal…and would even go to their 6-man players…Hamel hooks up with Daniel Wille of Little Snake River who makes 2 defenders miss, and he’ll eventually be brought down after a 33-yard gain…the Rattler would show that he belonged in this contest.

A short time later…Hamel is looking for a new target…and that would be Jeremy Woods of Cheyenne East for a 14-yard score…those 2 players would do most of the scoring in one way or another…the south increased their lead to 14-6.

The other team tried to answer…Wasson is looking for the promised land on this play, but he over-shoots his target…and instead he found Zac Zimmerer of Southeast who plays for the other team. The Cyclone would make a pretty good return to the 28 yard line…actually the South got a little more thanks to a face mask penalty and they’d set up shop again.

They did not make too many mistakes but this is one of them…Wade Eyre of Lyman is in at quarterback…and he was looking to go deep, but the Eagle would go too high and Josh Cragoe of Powell would come up with the interception…the first 15 minutes went by pretty well and the score remained 14-6.

2nd quarter…this play was made possible thanks to a fake punt to keep the drive alive…Eyre will make up for his earlier mistake and keep the ball a little bit lower for Wille…and the Rattler will take care of the rest for a 34 yard touchdown…he got horse collared on the tackle but he was all right. The south is now up 21-to-6.

As for the north…not much was going right in the first half…Wasson is trying to make something happen, but he finds Zimmerer again and that was not good news…he’s got a shot to take this ball back all the way, but Wasson ended up making the save at the 6 yard line…the south was making all the right plays on both side of the ball.

Of course, when you get a turnover, you got to cash in and the south did…Hamel is going to follow his blocker and take it in himself…he’s in that pile somewhere. That’s another touchdown and score is now 28-to-6.

And there was more to come…here’s another Hamel and Woods combination…this one from 17 yards out, as the Thunderbird would shake one tackle and work his way into the end zone…the north was getting stunned by the opposition so far…as the scoreboard now reads, 35-to-6.

More defense…they made some plays too! Cody Vollmar from Natrona is now taking the snaps and you hate to have this happen on your own field but Taylen Arnett of Lusk is going to introduce him to ground…all the way back to the 2 yard line and the north just could not get anything going.

And it got worse. Out of the frying pan and into the fire would describe this play. Vollmar probably should’ve just taken the sack because he was trying wayyy too hard to make something happen. That pass had trouble written all over it…and Zimmerer will come up with his 3rd interception of the game. He’d take it back to about the 20 and almost took out the camera in the process. He was named defensive MVP and there’s still time on the clock, so the south offense would get back to work.

It took a few plays, but on 4th and goal from the 1…Woods would make this play look easy…this all-star game of sorts was turning into a slaughter as the south lead 42-to-6 going into halftime.

3rd quarter…the north finally got something to go their way…Wasson and Simpson connect for a 5 yard score to make it a 42-13 contest…and with because of the Shrine Bowl rules…they would get the ball again because they’re still down by 14 points or more.

They’d take their time doing it, but that got the job done. Roberts scores again…this time from 1 yard out and the north was slowly getting closer…trailing 42-to-20.

4th quarter…the south eventually got a possession…Woods scores his 4th touchdown of the game…this one only needed one yard, and that would make it a 49-to-20 contest.

At this point things were going back and forth on both sides, but it made for more highlights…this is a 3 yard touchdown by Nick Bazemore of Gillette and that final push would get him in…P-A-T no good, so the north is still down 49-to-26.

Let’s get some new guys in here…Cragoe had one interception earlier…but on this play he’s going to throw one…T.J. Guild of Star Valley will get a good return on this play…all the way back to the 6 yard line, before Cragoe pushes him out of bounds and the south is knocking on the door again.

This next play was for redemption…Hamel is looking for the end zone but Vollmar steps in front of that pass and picks it off. That makes up some for his mis-cue earlier and now the north can go back to work.

On the next play after the touchback…Cragoe is going to take matters into his own hands and take care of things himself. Here he comes and there he goes…he’d weave his way around a few defenders and go 80 yards to the house…this ended up being the longest play of the game. This is the closest that the north has been on the scoreboard for quite sometime…as they are still down, 49-to-33.

They’d get the ball back again, but the turnover bug would bite one more time…4 interceptions and 1 fumble. Matt Carver of Cheyenne Central comes up with the loose ball as almost everything just kept going right for the south team.

Time to wrap up what would be the highest scoring game in Shrine Bowl history…Hamel…the offensive M-V-P…he ran for 1 TD and threw for 4 others…including this one to Wille for his 2nd score of the night…25 yards. This game also ended up having the most points scored by a south team, as they would crush the north when it was all said and done…56-to-33.