The spring golf season has drawn to a close.

4A East at Cheyenne:

Second day of competition cancelled due to weather.

Click on the links to see results:

Boys Team Scores: 4AEastSpringGolfConference2016Boys

Girls Team Scores: 4AEastSpringGolfConference2016Girls

Individual Scores: 4AEastSpringGolfConference2016


4A West at Green River:

4A West Conference Spring Golf Championships 2016 - Click on the link to see results

Teams Participating: Kelly Walsh, Natrona, Riverton, Evanston, Rock Springs, Green River

Boys: Easton Paxton of Riverton and Brock Ehlers of Evanston tied for first with a score of 132. No word on if there was a tie-breaker. Evanston came in first as a team, by 1 stroke ahead of Riverton.

Boys West All-Conference:

Brock Ehlers - Evanston

Easton Paxton - Riverton

Jayd Dion - Riverton

John McGinley – Kelly Walsh

Garret Phillips – Rock Springs

Hans Defries - Evanston

Shea Hensley – Kelly Walsh

Logan Hensley – Kelly Walsh

James Bisiar - Natrona

Brody Staten - Natrona

4A West Boys Coach of the Year: Lars Flanagan - Riverton


Girls: Josie Olson of Kelly Walsh placed first with a score of 163. Evanston came in first as a team, by 1 stroke ahead of Natrona.

Girls West All-Conference:

Josie Olson – Kelly Walsh

Kynsie Valdez - Natrona

Taryn Mayer - Evanston

Kendra Miller - Riverton

Calie Cox – Rock Springs

Chelly Comstock – Green River

Nicolynne Garbutt - Natrona

Kelsee Barton – Green River

Hannah Ellingford - Evanston

Lexi Cornell - Evanston

4A West Girls Coach of the Year: Nate Loe - Green River AND Jerry Carroll - Evanston


2A at Douglas:

Waiting for results. Check back later.