The Track and field championships run in Casper at Kelly Walsh’s Harry Geldien Stadium.

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Day 3 Highlights:

Little Snake River's Rex Stanley set a new state mark in the 300 hurdles.  The Rattler went 38.92 to break the old mark set by Nigel Bristow of Guernsey-Sunrise back in 2007 of 39.3.

Lovell's 4 by 400 relay team of Kim Shumway, Amanda Sumway, Erin Robertson, and Suzi Robertson also set a new state 2A record in that event.

Team Finals: Little Snake River repeated as 1A Champions.  The Rattlers scored 132 points, Cokeville was runner up at 98.   In the 1A girls, Lingle-Fort Laramie won by a similar amount.  The Lady Doggers put up 129 to Cokeville's  97.

2A was swept by Lovell.  The Bulldog girls are Three-peat champs having scored 108 points to Burns' 78.5.    The Bulldog boys nearly doubled up the field with 140.5 points. East Regional Champion Saratoga was a distant second with 76.

3A saw the Jackson boys out point Powell by 9.5 points to win. The Cody Girls scored 148 to Star Valley's 100. For Cody, it is their FIFTH straight 3A girls Track Championship.

4A saw Central score 99 points to take the title. Kelly Walsh was second with 90.  West champion Natrona finished fifth. Kelly Walsh repeated as girls champions with 149 points. Laramie was second with 103.


Day two highlights include: Kevin Allen of Upton posted a new 1A discus state record while Ricky Faure of Rock Springs did the same in the 4A 800. Quinn Rivera of Cody set a new 3A pole vault mark. He then went 16 feet and one half inch to break the overall state record.

In the afternoon session, Burlington's Ben Mancuso went 6'7 in the high jump to break his own 1A record.   The Star Valley girls 4 by 100 relay team set a new 3A record in that race, too.  Girls on the team were McKinly Laker, Ivy Myers, McKenzie Wellard, and Cristy Clinger.

Day 1 Highlights:

A 27 year old record was broken in Casper by Sundance discus thrower Kacie O’Conner. She broke the old state mark set back in 1985  by nearly 14 feet.   That mark was held by Jeanette Scheitel of Pine Bluffs. That was the only record to go down in Day one.

Expect a pair of records to go down in 1A on Day II  in the boys discus and the high jump. Upton's Kevin Allen will try to break the Overall State mark in the discus while Burlington's Ben Mancuso looks to break his own mark in the high jump.

Cody Junior Kiara Skinner won her third straight shot put title. She has a chance for the four peat as a senior next year. She beat her own teammate by 1/4 of an inch to claim the title.

Jackson’s Oliver Schofield won the 3200 meters for a 2nd straight year. He’s also a two time cross country champion and won the 3200 Indoor state title as well.

There was a bit of controversy in the 4A girls high jump, but, after deliberations, a three way jump off was held. In the end, Laramie’s Madison Legerski emerged as the state champion.

Lander's Tanner Simpson won the high jump and the long jump.



Day 1 Video Highlights:


Mmmm…mmmm…mmmm…Funnel Cakes! Not recommended before a race, but nobody said anything about having one afterwards! And that’s usually when business picks up!

Day 1 of the Wyoming High School Track and Field State Championship…and we almost had some major controversy in the 4A girls high jump…Madison Legerski of Laramie along with Ainsley Oates and Sofia Hof…each of Kelly Walsh. All 3 girls cleared 5 feet 2 inches on their first try, but no one got over 5 feet 4. It took a long and thorough examination of the tie-breaking rules, and in the end…we had to go to a 3-way jump-off.

Each girl got 1 try…no one cleared 5-4…no one cleared 5-3…but at 5-2…where this whole mess started…Legerski was the only one to get over again…and that was the end of that…state champ!

Girls 1-A 32-hundred meter run…this is Kaylie Moyes of Cokeville…she ended up lapping a couple of runners but that’s what you got to do sometimes…she’ll cross the finish line first, with a time of 12 minutes, 52 point zero-2 seconds.

Girls 2-A 32-hundred meter run…the one in the black is Mikayla Hudgins of Wright. She’s a cross country state champ and she’d win this race by about 5 seconds…her time was  12 minutes, 31 point-7-9 seconds.

Girls 3-A 32-hundred meter run…a little bit of an upset in this race…Anne Brinegar of Cody is on the left wearing the navy blue…she’s the defending champ, but Catherine Cloetta of Jackson was able to hold her at bay on the final lap…the senior wins by about 2 seconds…with a time of 11 minutes, 43 point 7-7 seconds.

Girls 4-A 32-hundred meter run…Audra DeStefano of Gillette has this race in the bag, but she still wants a good time…11 minutes, 40 point 3-4 seconds is a pretty good day of work, and that gets her first place.

Girls 3A shot put…Kiara Skinner of Cody…2-time state champ coming in…first throw of the preliminaries was 39 feet one-quarter inch…and that one-quarter inch was what beat her team-mate Sylvan Roberts. The junior is now a 3-time champ.

Now to the boys…the 1-A 32-hundred meter run…it’s Tyrel Toomer of Cokeville…trying to hold off Hank Jackson of Lingle-Ft. Laramie and he would when it was all said and done on the final stretch…the junior Panther is first with a time of 10 minutes…31-point 6-2 seconds.

Boys 2-A 32-hundred meter run…Alejandro Garcia of Pine Bluffs is also a cross country state champ…and now he’s a 2-time state champ on the track…9 minutes…58 point 6-zero seconds, nets him another first place finish.

Boys 3-A 32-hundred meter run…Oliver Scofield of Jackson…2-times in cross country…and 2-times In this race…9 minutes 51 point zero-8 seconds…now he’s going to take his abilities to the University of Vermont.

Boys 4-A 32-hundred meter run…we almost did not get to the finish in time…Ricky Faure of Rock Springs had the fastest time of the day at 9 minutes…44 point 7-8 seconds and a first medal to go with his cross country title.

Boys 3-A long jump…Tanner Simpson of Lander…saving the best for his last jump…22 feet 5 and 3-quarter inches for a successful title defense…you’ll see more from him in a few moments.

Boys 1-A long jump…Ben Mancuso of Burlington…21 feet one-half inch…and that’s just a warmup for what he plans to do in the high jump…but that’s another day.

Boys 3-A high jump…Simpson again…up and over 6 feet 6 inches…that’s what he did last year as well, but a win is a win no matter how you take it.

Finally the boys 1A pole vault…Jesse Hawk of Dubois….soaring over 12 feet 6 inches and had a soft landing. He finished in a tie for 2nd last year, but this time he’s number 1 in the 1A ranks.

Day 2 Video Highlights:


I don’t know if this some sort of ritual to keep the bad weather away, but at least it wasn’t snowing unlike last year.

Day 2 of the Wyoming High School Track and Field State Championships and some records went down. First in the 1A boys discus…Kevin Allen of Upton…now to give you an idea…the camera is at about one-hundred and seventy feet. This throw in the preliminaries is one-hundred 99 feet 11 inches…it’s a new 1A state record, but about 10 feet short of the overall record. He’s not complaining…he’ll take it.

Boys 3A pole vault…Quinn Rivera of Cody…making history…going up and over 16 feet and one-half inch…that is a new overall state record, and a great way to finish off a high school career.

Boys 4A pole vault…this is Will Eichenberger of Gillette…15 feet 5 inches…and he tried to go over Rivera’s record. He had nothing to lose and it was worth a shot, but it was not meant to be, but that’s nothing to hang your head over.

Boys 1A high jump…Ben Mancuso of Burlington…a new 1A record of 6 feet 7 inches…and he just managed to get it in before Mother Nature unloaded with some of her worst. He’s just a junior and he’ll be back next year.

Boys 2A high jump…Kevin Christianson of Lusk… he was not the favorite coming in, but he pulled off a few surprises…and he would lock up a state title after jumping over the bar at 6 feet 2 inches.

Boys 1A triple jump…Adam Van Norman of Midwest…hops…skips and jumps his way to a mark of 42 feet 2 and a-quarter inches…just another walk in the park for him.

Boys 2A triple jump…Cody Savage of Lovell…trying to become a 3-time champ…and it was his own team-mates providing the competition…43 feet…9 and 3-quarter inches…the Bulldogs took first, second and third in this event.

Boys 3A triple jump…Ty Etchemendy of Douglas…a junior…45 feet 11 and one-quarter inch…with a more than 1 foot to spare. He skipped his last 2 jumps of the day because he already knew he won.

Over to the girls…the 4A long jump…Jerayah Davis of Kelly Walsh…18 feet 9 and one quarter inch…all that speed helps…just wait until she gets on the track.

Finally the girls 2A long jump…Shana Wilcoxson of Burns…gets a good head start and leaps for a distance of 16 feet 8 and 3-quarter inches…to earn her spot on top of the podium.