Highlights of the 2A Girls State Championship Basketball game, between Tongue River vs. Thermopolis.

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The Lady Eagles would out-shoot the Lady Bobcats 44% to 25% to win the 2A girls State Championship and finish the season undefeated.



$100 says he makes this shot from half court…can I call them or what? Wait until you see my NCAA Tournament picks.

Tongue River vs. Thermopolis in the girls 2A state championship game…first quarter…Tongue River wearing the green…they get the ball inside to Tianne Main who was open behind the D…and the senior scores the first basket of the game, to make it 2-to-nothing.

Thermopolis was in this game last year, and this time they were hoping to finish the job…Dana Bjorhus from college range and she’s looking out for her future…the senior would give the lady Bobcats a 3-to-2 advantage.

Last year’s state runner ups needed a good start if they wanted to hang with an undefeated opponent. Sierra Schmidt wanted to get a little closer in order to make a 2-point contribution…and things were looking decent early on with the score at 5-to-3.

…and they were getting a little better. Jordan Leyba is a senior and her aim is dead on with that 3-ball…she was the only player on her team to score in double-digits, with 13…and Thermop has the score doubled up at 8-to-4.

But then TR got going and started to build some momentum…Megan Myers was the 3-point ace for the Lady Eagles. She was the only one that made them for her team, and it helped…they now trail, 8-to-7.

The inside game was starting to click as well…this time Eryn Aksamit is open and she knows what to do when she’s that close to the hoop. The lead has changed hands…it’s now 9-to-8.

They were mixing things up, and that’s what a good team is supposed to do…Myers again…bombs away…kaboom! The Lady Eagles were flying and would maintain a 12-to-9 lead after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…they kept going. Sarah Nielsen with a double-double in this game…13 points, 11 rebounds…and that bucket would cap off a 12-to-1 run…and TR was looking pretty good with a 16-to-9 advantage.

Thermopolis would regroup and sharpen their claws…Bjorhus…pouncing on a 3-ball and she’s got it…her team needed that one, and now they are down by a score of 16-to-12.

But the Lady Eagles were not about ready to let the opposition put together a run of their own…Sarah Rawlings will throw up on 18-footer and can it…that would push their advantage back up to 7…it’s 19-to-12 at this point.

The Lady Bobcats would stay on their game plan…Plan A did not work, so they went to plan B and that involved Leyba shooting for 3…and it worked…now they trail, 19-15.

Thermop was finding a sweet spot on the floor and it was doing wonders…here’s Bailey Fisher with her only contribution of the game, but it was worth 3 big ones and that would get her team to within striking distance…down by a score of 21-18….however Tongue River would not let them get any closer…Aksmit was quick to respond on the other end…she was 4 for 4 on her field goal tries…as the Lady Eagles would hold a 23-to-18 advantage…going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…not much happening for most of the second half in terms of made baskets…but there were a few here and there. Leyba will pull up at the foul line and she’ll get 2 points to add on…Thermopolis was trying to keep the score close…it’s 25-21.

However…every time they made a move…TR would counter…in this case it was Myers…12 points for the sophomore…all from behind the arc…such as that one. Now the lead is at 7…it’s 28-21.

They would stay after their inside and outside change ups…Nielsen would lose it…gets it back…scores…nothing to it…Tongue River was looking pretty good up 31-to-24, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…it was time for the Lady Eagles to spread their wings and fly out of the nest…they’re grown up enough. Nielsen takes the inside lob and she knows what to do by now…the lead is growing…as the scoreboard reads, 33-to-24.

That last play went so well…they’d try it again…with a different player…this time it’s Aksamit…2 more points coming….things are looking promising with a double-digit lead…it’s 35-24.

As for Thermopolis…well they needed something…anything really. Their downfall was that they only shot 25 percent from the field, compared to 44 percent for the opposition…this was one of the few that went in…courtesy of Haylee Hoffman…Lady Bobcats are still down 35-26…but as I said before…they would make a move and the other team countered…Myers…again…who didn’t see that one coming?

The Tongue River Lady Eagles snatch their first state title since 2010…41-to-30 was the final score…Coach Diane Moser and company are quite used to it by now.

This win would put the finishing touches on a perfect…28-and-oh season.