Video highlights of the Saturday, March 8th 2A Girls Basketball State Championship Game, between Kemmerer vs. Tongue River.

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Down 7 with 2:30 to go in the 4th quarter, the Lady Eagles would rally to tie the game, and held off a last second play in overtime, to repeat as state champs, and deny the Lady Rangers, their first ever.




At the volleyball state championships...there were 3 Power Rangers. Now we're down to 2. Perhaps Lord Zedd is winning the war!

Kemmerer vs. Tongue River in the 2A State Championship Game...first quarter...Tongue River wearing the white...Sarah Rawlings will win this one-on-one battle and get the first basket of the make the score 2-to-nothing.

The defending 2A state champs were also winning the rebound battle in the early in point...Kortni Sharp...she had a double-double with 12 points and 11 boards...that example would put her team ahead 4-zip.

It took Kemmerer quite awhile to get things going...6 minutes and no points...Madison Vickery will end the drought with a 15-foot swisher, and thankfully, her team was only down 4-to-2.

The Lady Eagles wanted to fly in this one...Rawlings from college range...and she does have a college career to consider...might as well get started now...the score is now 7-to-2.

The Lady Rangers would respond...Tia Tiller from roughly the same distance, and she'll ring up 3...a double-double for her...16 points, 10 rebounds...her squad trails 7-to-5.

It pays to be in the right place at the right time...Vickery reacted quickly and was rewarded...she missed a double-double by 1 rebound. This game was tied at 7, after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter...T-R was trying to pick up the pace...Rawlings feeds Sharp who will take the assist, gets the bucket and the good on the extra try, but now the tie is's 11-to-9.

Tongue River went undefeated last season, and this season did not start off well, because some of their better players were on the injured list. But once Rawlings came back, they became almost unstoppable...that 3 would push the score up to 14-to-9.

That last comment was not meant to take anything away from the players who had to deal with it...they got some extra playing time and experience...Amanda Buller shows what she learned on this play...the lead is up to's 19-to-11 at this point.

...and they needed that experience, because here is where the opposition woke up...Vickery did her share and extra...21 points were her numbers and that was a start...her team trails, 19-to-13.

Here comes more...she's the main reason why this team was in the hunt for their first title ever...mix in some free throws and Kemmerer would eventually take the lead.

...and they were not done...and neither was Vickery...she had a hot hand...this bucket and 1, was part of a 14-zip put the Lady Rangers ahead, by a score of 25-to-19.

The Lady Eagles needed to regroup, and grab some momentum before halftime...Rawlings would take matters into her own hands...she led all scorers with 27 and her team needed every point, because they were down 25-21, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...the score would eventually tie up again, but Vickery had the tie breaker...the Lady Rangers have been mostly a second half team, and this was their time to shine...they are up 29-to-26 at this point.

They were getting the bench involved as well...this ended up being the only 2 points for Morgan McClaren and her team will take they would hold a 31-to-28 advantage.

...and they got more help...Marie McClaren would help Kemmerer slowly build the lead up to 5 points...that bucket made this a 36-to-31 contest.

...but T-R would catch up in a big way...and it involved Rawlings...bombs away...KABOOM! That would get her team right back into this game...they are down by's 39-to-38.

Now things were getting interesting, but the critical moments were yet to come...Rawlings breezes right by the defense to get another 2 points...and that put Tongue River back on top by a score of 40-to-39...but there were a few seconds left before the buzzer and that's all the opposition needed...just give the ball to Vickery and let her do her thing...which she did...we got a was 41-to-40 going into the final 8 mintues.

4th quarter...the Lady Rangers would make another move...Amanda Pinter gets the rebound and stick-back...she had 10 boards in this contest and that was big...her team is up 47-to-42.

The lead would grow to 7 with about 2:30 to go...but the Lady Eagles would not go away...Sharp scores inside...gets the contact and the's not over yet...the scoreboard reads 49-to-44.

...Kemmerer tried to hold them at bay with free throws...but T-R had other plans...Tara Stimpson had yet to get in on the act...and she picked a good time to show it's a 51-to-48 contest.

Later...this was critical...a 2 point game...Buller misses the free throw...someone needs to do something on defense...Rawlings with interception and she's quick to return it for 2...we're all tied up at 52-all, and they had to put more time on the clock.

It was so tense, that some fans had their hair standing on their head

Now in overtime...not much happened, until the final minute...Tongue River got all their scoring from the charity build a 55-to-52 advantage, but would it be enough?

Kemmerer has not scored anything in roughly 4 1/2 minutes...and they need something now! They try a different plan as Marie McClaren will assist Pinter and got the 2 points...but they're still 1's 55-to-54.

4 seconds to go...Lady Ranger ball...this play was similar to the last one...Marie McClaren to Pinter inside, but Sharp saw it coming. She would save the game, and deny Kemmerer their first title. It will have to wait at least another year.

The Tongue River Lady Eagles...hang on to defend their title in score, 55-to-54.

T-R repeats as champs, and finishes the season, with a record of 26-and-2.