The Wyoming Coaches Association boys basketball all-star game was a fast a furious game in which guys were contesting dunks and you don't normally see that in all-star games. The North had the upper hand in the game and won 80-71 but the South didn't make it easy by any means.

Brenon Stauffenberg of Lander had a sharp game with 19 points, Kamden Niemann from Cody had 17 with Worland's Carter Clark netting 14. The South was led by Garet Schlabs of Cheyenne East with 17, Kysar Jolley from East had 15 and, Stu Lerwick of Pine Bluffs added 11.

We talked with Carter Clark, Wylie Shearer of Wind River, McKoy Smith from Lyman, and Garet Schlabs after the game for their thoughts on the game and beyond.

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WCA Boys Basketball All-Star Game

WCA Boys Basketball All-Star Game
Wyoming Coaches Association Boys Basketball
Wylie Shearer-Wind River


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