There are just some plays in the game of basketball that leave you speechless, with your jaw-dropped, or you’re left wondering what just happened?

Wheatland junior guard Rodee Brow made a play earlier this season in a game at Rawlins between the Bulldogs and Outlaws that left this reporter stunned the first time I saw it.

A video of this unusual basketball play was sent to WyoPreps by Shannon Brow. When I first watched it, I shook my head and then had to go back to see the video again, just to make sure Brow did what he did to beat the press.

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In the sport of football, there are phrases such as, we’ll go around them, through them, or over them.

Well, how about under them in basketball?

Brow took an in-bound pass against a full-court press, had defenders of 6-2 and 6-3 coming at him, and whether he purposefully did it or it was by accident, it’s not your typical press-breaker by a basketball player or team.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end up in an assist with a made basket, but it definitely goes down as one of the more unique plays in Wyoming prep basketball.

The video is courtesy of the NFHS Network and Rawlins High School.


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