Members of the Wyoming High Activities Association Board of Directors met for their spring 2013 meeting, to discuss policy, rules, etc…

The issues that were discussed were:

Small School Football: The board on second reading approved the issue regarding how many teams will be in each class, beginning in fall 2014. The format will be based on school enrollment numbers, with 10 teams in 4A (unchanged), 12 teams in 3A (unchanged), 14 teams in 2A (down from 16) and 16 in 1A. The remaining schools will play 6-man, however schools will have the option to move up or down one class. If a team moves down, they will be ineligible for post-season play. Under the proposal, Moorcroft and Tongue River will down-grade from 2A to 1A, and Thermopolis would shift from the 2A West to the 2A East. Wyoming Indian and Saratoga would move back to 1A 11-man, unless either school decides to down-grade back to 6-man again (Both schools will play 6-man in 2013). Cokeville would actually be in the 6-man classification, but it is very likely that the Panthers would elect to play 1A 11-man. Burlington might be in the same boat as well, but that decision is up to the school. A few questions remain as to which teams will move up or move down, will Upton/Sundance continue their merger, and will Rock River have a varsity team in 2014? Then there’s the issue of deciding what teams will be in what conference? The intention of the plan is to stabilize the situation involving 1A 11-man and 6-man. As for which team will be in which conference, that will be decided later, once schools have decided if they will play 11-man or 6-man. That topic must be finalized before the scheduling meeting in November.

Football Rule Change: The Board defeated a motion that would have changed scrimmages to 100 plays maximum and players would only be required to have 7 days of practice to participate. (Current rule is scrimmages are 120 plays maximum and players must have 10 days of practice in order to participate in the scrimmage)

Head Coaches Test Proposal: The Board defeated a motion that would have required coaches must pass (80%) a 50 question test from the NFHS open book rules test each year in their respective sport, prior to the first contest. (Current rule is a coach must pass (80%) a 100 question test.)

Tennis Uniform Proposal: Passed on second reading that tennis etiquette will be strictly enforced. Team shirts will be worn that are appropriate as a member of a school team uniform and in doubles, uniform tops must match for both players.

Nordic Ski State Meet Format Proposal: The board passed on first reading that the state meet shall consist of one individual classical race and one individual freestyle race. The distances of the races shall be 5 and 10 kilometers, alternating between the classic and freestyle technique on alternating years. Starting in 2014, there will be a 5K Classic and 10K Freestyle, and then in 2015 it will be 5K Freestyle and 10K Classic. The pattern would then repeat itself, back and forth.

Volleyball Season: Passed on first reading that the regular season will be extended by 1 week, thus pushing back regional and state tournaments by 1 week, without extending the maximum number of games played in the regular season. Outside of tournaments and invitationals, schools sometimes have to schedule 3 contests in a week, and extending the regular season by 1 week, would reduce that situation from happening, and result in players missing less class time. This could reduce the number of mid-week games, and would not take effect until fall of 2014. Currently, the state tournament is held the same weekend as state girls swimming, and the first round of the football playoffs, but if this motion passes, state volleyball would then be the weekend of the football semi-finals.

Basketball Season: Passed on first reading that practice for the season would start 2 weeks later (Monday after Thanksgiving) and that the regular season would start 1 week later (normally starts week after Thanksgiving, but this new proposal would make it 1 week later). The maximum number of regular season games would be reduced from 20, to 18. Participation in regular season tournaments shall count as two contests. Each member school should be limited to three regular season tournaments. The rationale is to reduce travel costs, as well as costs associated with paying referees and game workers, and reduce the amount of missed class time for players. The regional and state tournaments would be held at the usual time in the calendar year (no change there). If passed, this will take effect in the 2014-15 school year.

Wrestling Season: Passed on first reading. Just like basketball, practice would start the Monday after Thanksgiving (2 weeks later than normal), and the start of the season would be the 2nd Friday after that, so teams would have 9 days of practice. The state tournament would still be at the same time in the calendar year, so teams would lose 1 week of competition. The idea with this and basketball, is to allow a break between the fall and winter seasons, and avoid conflict with the Thanksgiving Holiday. If passed, this will take effect in the 2014-2015 school year.

Outdoor Track and Field and Soccer Season Proposals: Passed on first reading that the start of practice and the entire season as well as state tournaments would be pushed back 1 week. The intent is to avoid having soccer practice conflict with the 4A/3A state basketball tournament, and would give track athletes a 1 week break after the Indoor State Track allow for some better cooperation from the weather. Currently track athletes compete at the Indoor State Meet, and then the following Monday, start practice on the outdoor season. The down-side to this, is that the state Outdoor Track Meet, and State Soccer Tournaments, would be on Memorial Day weekend, and there's a risk of interfering with graduation. If passed, this would take effect in Spring 2015.