Forfeits, seeding at state wrestling, and seating at the state spirit competition, were some of the topics discussed at the Spring 2014 meeting, of the Wyoming High School Activities Association Board Of Directors.


The board passed on first reading, that fines for one team forfeiting a varsity game before it's scheduled to be played, will be increased from $300 to $1,000. If both teams agree not to play a scheduled contest, or the game is forfeited after the game is played (by way of a rules violation discovered afterwards), the fine will not be applied. The school that commits the offense has 30 days to pay the fine, and if they don't, it could result in suspension and/or or sanctions determined by the WHSAA. This must undergo another reading from the board before it becomes official.

Sunday Participation:

The board passed on first reading that there shall be no interscholastic activity, including practice, held on any Sunday, unless Rule 2.6.0 must be invoked. The current wording does not have the practice portion in it. In short, Rule 2.6.0 is used in case a state championship event has to be rescheduled, because not enough teams (greater than 25%) could make it, due to travel problems, caused by weather or road conditions. The no competition/no practice rule on Sundays, could be waived in that case, but only as a last resort. This must undergo another reading from the board before it becomes official.

Wrestling Seeding:

Per request of the Wyoming Wrestling Coaches, the board passed on first reading changing rule 7.16.92. Currently the top 4 wrestlers after regionals, are seeded for the state tournament, while the other qualifying wrestlers are entered into the bracket randomly. The new proposal is to have the #1 wrestler from one region vs. the #4 wrestler from the SAME region, meet in the quarter-finals of the state tournament. Same goes for #2 vs. #3 in the quarter-finals, assuming they all make it. The rationale behind this, is some wrestlers have been accused of intentionally losing the 3rd place match at regionals, in order to avoid facing a certain wrestler, for as long as possible at the state tournament, regardless if that future opponent is from the same region, or the other. With modern technology working the way it does, updates from other regional tournaments come in pretty quickly on-line, and some try to strategize on where they want to be in the state bracket. This must undergo another reading from the board before it becomes official.

State Spirit Seating:

No action has been taken yet, but there is consideration of changing all or at least the lower section of seating at the Casper Events Center, at the State Spirit Competition, to reserved seating, rather than general admission. At times there has been a rush at the doors when they open, and not all have been pleased with saving seats, that some people do.

New Board President:

Terry Burgess of Sheridan will take over as Board President starting with the 2014-2015 school year. He replaces Tony Hult of Cody.