Future state championship events, gender identity, forfeits and the 3A conference were the main topics at the Winter 2014 Wyoming High School Activities Association Board of Directors meeting.

State Championship Events:

State Golf 2015: 4A in Sheridan, 3A in Torrington and 2A in Wright.

State Cross Country 2015 and 2016: Sheridan to host. Riverton put in a bid for 2015 only.

State Nordic Ski 2016: Casper hosts.

State Soccer 2016-2017: Sheridan to host both 4A and 3A. Casper put in a 4-year bid, while Jackson put in a bid to host 3A for 2 years.

State Scheduling Meeting: In the past, the meeting has been held during the week of the state football championship. Now it's the week after.

Gender Identity: The Board unanimously passed on second reading, a motion that any student thinking about changing his/her gender, will have an appeal hearing by an eligibility committee, to determine if that person can participate in certain events. The committee will be minimum 3 people, chosen by the WHSAA commissioner, and one must be a physician and one must work in the mental health profession. The committee will then forward its decision to the commissioner. The main purpose is to affirm a gender-changing athlete’s eligibility.

Forfeits: The board took no action and it was discussion only. There is a possibility of a stiffer penalty to a school, should they choose to forfeit a game, by way of not playing the game/not showing up. The current fine is $300, but it could be raised to $1,000. The offending school could also be penalized in terms of seeding for the post-season. If both sides agree to cancel the game, or some other mutual agreement is reached, then there's no penalty. Other WHSAA sanctions would be pending.

3A Conference Basketball/Volleyball: This was not a board action, rather it was decided by coaches and AD's of those schools that will be in 3A for the next reclassification cycle.

With the shortened basketball schedule starting in December 2014, some schools might lose a non-conference rivalry game. It has been decided that 3A will split into quadrants...Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest. The Northeast would consist of Buffalo, Douglas, Newcastle, and Worland, while the Southeast would have Glenrock, Rawlins, Torrington and Wheatland. The Northwest would have Cody, Lander, Lovell and Powell, while Jackson, Mountain View, Pinedale, Star Valley would make up the Southwest.

Teams would play the other 3 teams in their quadrant twice (one home, one away). In addition, northeast and southeast teams would play each other once, and the northwest and southwest would do the same. The cross-over games would count in the conference standings. Some teams have expressed interest in playing a cross-over opponent a second time, in which case, the first matchup would be a non-conference game, while the second matchup would be the conference game. Long story short...each team would have 10 conference games.

At the regional tournaments, the first round matchups would be Northeast or Northwest #1 vs. Southeast or Southwest #4, #2's vs. #3's, etc...

Volleyball would do the same thing.