Once the girls got going...well...the final score said the rest.

Ragen Wilson (Laramie) scored 25 points and was one of 4 players in double figures as the Wyoming Girls All-Stars routed South Dakota, 106-83 in Gillette.

Scroll down for video highlights.

Halftime: Wyoming 49 South Dakota 29

Wyoming Scorers:

Kyleigh Hiser (Laramie) – 9 points

Mikayla Brower (Torrington) – 8 points

Ragen Wilson (Laramie) – 25 points

Madison Forney (Rawlins) – 17 points

Ali Beckler (Laramie) – 14 points

Dacia Lyman (Gillette) – 3 points

Madison Browning (Natrona) – 7 points

Christie Schiel (Cheyenne Central) – 18 points

CheyAnne Balster (Natrona) – 4 points

South Dakota Scorers:

Katie Klapprodt (Rapid City Stevens) – 7 points

Britain Burditt (Spearfish) – 7 points

Sydney Rome (Sioux Falls Roosevelt) – 21 points

Heidi Hoff (Brandon Valley) – 31 points

Calli Henderson (Dupree) – 4 points

Kendra McLaughlin (Hill City) – 5 points

Krysta Kjerstad (Wall) – 8 points



All of those fuses in one gymnasium…and despite all of that searching…not one them was the right one to turn on the scoreboard. I’m not exactly sure where it was, but they eventually found it.

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. South Dakota…this game being played in Gillette…first half…Wyoming wearing the gold…it took a few minutes before either team got going, but Madison Browning of Natrona would get the first basket of the game with a baseline drive to give her team a 2-nothing advantage.

South Dakota would answer…Heidi Hoff of Brandon Valley would lean in to get the first 2 of her 31 points to lead all scorers and we’re back to a tie game again...it’s 2-2.

It took a little team-work and the girls is gold did it here…Christie Schiel of Cheyenne Central gets the assist and gets the bucket…she scored 18 and was the leading scorer in the previous game in Spearfish…home team leads 4-to-2.

Everyone was getting in on the act…and second chance points made a big difference in this game…here’s CheyAnne Balster of Natrona adding to the cause with 2 of her 4 points, and her team is now up 6-to-2.

South Dakota would eventually tie things up again, but Wyoming would untie it…Mikayla Brower of Torrington will do the honors on this highlight…scoring up close…she contributed with 8 and the home team is back up 8-to-6.

The visitors kept hanging around...good spin move by Katie Klapprodt of Rapid City Stevens…and then she’ll get a kiss off of the glass for 2 points and South Dakota would take their first lead of the game…up 12-to-10.

That lead did not last long though…Ali Beckler of Laramie takes aim and lets ‘er fly for 3 and connects…she would score 14 on the game and the Wyoming All-Stars are back up 13-to-12.

Back comes the other team…Krysta Kjerstad of Wall...one foot on one side of the line and the other foot on the other side, so that’s only 2 but the lead shifts the other way…it’s now 14-13.

That did not bother Wyoming much…it was still early…Schiel with a good pump fake and then deposits a jumper to give the lead back to her squad and the scoreboard reads, 15-14.

Then they’d build on it a little bit…here’s Beckler again…with some time…from the same spot and cans it again…the opposition needed to remember where she was on the floor…Wyoming leads 18-14.

The far side was starting to become a hot spot for made baskets…here’s Kyleigh Hiser of Laramie from about 18 feet…9 points for the Lady Plainsmen and the score is now 22-to-16.

Still in the first half…we’ve changed camera angles…South Dakota had 2 players score in double digits…we showed 1 earlier and here’s the other…Sydney Rome of Sioux Falls Roosevelt…that’s 3 of her 21 and the visitors are within striking distance, down 24-19.

But here’s where Wyoming started to get to work…it starts with Wilson as she’ll drive the lane for another lay-in…that would start a run…there’s more to come…the score is now 28-to-22 at this point.

Skipping ahead a little bit…great ball movement on this play…and someone forgot about Browning…she’s in the corner, causing triple trouble and the lead is growing…it’s 35-to-22.

Let’s get someone else in here…behind the defense is Madison Forney of Rawlins…she’ll catch the air ball…stick it in for 2…and 1…the Lady Outlaws put in 17 points for the team, and it’s now a 39-to-27 contest.

There’s one more player that we have not shown…that would be Dacia Lyman of Gillette…this ended up being her only bucket of the game and she scored 3 points…the home ends the half on a 23-to-7 spurt…and lead 49-to-29 going into the locker room.

2nd half…the Wyoming All-Stars would maintain their large lead, so we’re not going to show you everything…Wilson…again on the far side for 3 more…she had a good game…the scoreboard now reads, 57-to-35.

Actually…it did not matter where she was on the floor…just as long as she was behind the line and she was quite often…there’s another long bomb and this game is getting out of hand…it’s 66-to-39.

Laramie had 3 representatives from the state championship team…let’s get Hiser back in…she’ll drive through 4 defenders and find a way to score…that’s determination…home team is up 75-to-54.

There was still plenty of time on the clock…and plenty of chances to score more…Beckler…look out…ring em up…the defense was mostly absent on both sides, but in a game like this…who cares? Wyoming leads 83-to-60.

This next highlight was pretty…Browning…nice drive…nice lay in…that’s worth 2 points at least…this game has already been decided with score at 85-to-62.

But they kept going…Brower is at the top of the key…and the Lady TrailBlazer is opening the door for 3…the girls in gold were inching closer to the century mark…leading 93-to-68.

The plan of attack was all over the place, but it worked…score from the outside and score from the inside…Forney took care of some of the inside work…it’s now 99-to-68 and they would eventually get into triple digits.

Let’s wrap this up…we’ll let Wilson do the honors on the final highlight…what else but another 3-bomb? It’s only proper I guess. This game was over a long time ago on the scoreboard…but when the clock finally ran out…the numbers read Wyoming 1-oh-6…South Dakota, 83.